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MBNMS Education Internships

Education Internship #1: Bilingual Outreach with MERITO

The Hispanic population of the central California coast is one of the largest and fastest-growing constituencies of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, but is poorly reached by current Sanctuary outreach and resource threat reduction programs. The Sanctuary's Multicultural Education Plan, known as "MERITO" (Multicultural Education for Resource Issues Threatening Oceans), has been designed in partnership with the local Hispanic community to provide expanded bilingual ocean and conservation-related outreach programs to Hispanic students, teachers, adults and families living near the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The Bilingual Education Intern will work directly with the MERITO education team to implement community and site-based outreach programs. Support is needed for a weekly marine conservation after-school programs, community presentations in Watsonville and Pajaro Valley, and weekend community events. Spanish language skills required. Translation skills desirable. Marine education and outreach is a solid basis on which to develop knowledge of marine ecology, policy and resource management, and can serve as excellent training for students interested in a marine science career.

Staff lead: Chelsea Prindle

Education Internship #2: General Education Intern (Programs, Website, Outreach)

Education & Outreach interns will promote understanding and stewardship of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary by assisting staff with the development and implementation of education projects and programs. This may include:

  1. Assisting with the production or distribution of print materials and publications including brochures, flyers, fact sheets, posters, newsletters, videos, et. al.
  2. Assisting with updating and expanding the MBNMS Website.
  3. Responding to public inquiries and requests for Sanctuary related information.
  4. Assisting staff with Sanctuary related programs and events such as the Great American Fish Count, Sanctuary Currents Symposium, Sanctuary Birthday Celebrations, Sustainable Seas Expeditions, et. al.
  5. Assisting staff at public events such as Whalefest, marine lab open houses, et. al.
  6. Working with the MBNMS Public Relations Coordinator to promote the Sanctuary to the media.
  7. Helping organize and maintain the MBNMS video and slide collections.
  8. Assisting staff with the production and installation of MBNMS interpretive displays and exhibits for visitor centers, parks and other appropriate facilities.
  9. Perform other education and outreach duties as assigned. Time commitment: 3-5 hrs per week with a minimum commitment of two to three months.

Staff Lead: Liz Love

Education Internship #3: Social Media and Public Relations

The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is considered a reliable and authoritative source on local coastal and ocean environmental issues. As such it receives numerous inquiries from local, regional, national and international media. The Sanctuary also proactively seeks out media in an effort to help inform the public about research, education, and resource protection activities in the Sanctuary. This position would be ideal for a communications or journalism major seeking to gain real hands-on experience in developing communications plans and to respond to and solicit media. The job can easily be tailored to fit the needs of the individual student. Duties would include:

  1. Develop and post current updates for MBNMS' Facebook and Twitter accounts
  2. Generate ideas for expanding social media opportunities
  3. Work with staff to generate stories to post to other social media sites (e.g.,
  4. Update and maintain list of media contacts (newspaper, TV, radio, web, others)
  5. Work with staff to write and distribute media advisories and press releases
  6. Develop and implement a strategy to increase public awareness and understanding of the Sanctuary
  7. Assist in providing media and communications training to other Sanctuary staff. Time commitment: minimum of 3-5 hours per week.

Staff Lead: Deirdre Whalen

Education Internship #4: Sanctuary Exploration Center, Santa Cruz

The Sanctuary Exploration Center in Santa Cruz, features state-of-the art displays, research discoveries, interactive exhibits and more. Visitors explore the sanctuary's remarkable marine environment, as well as their personal role in protecting of one of our nation's special underwater treasures. Exploration Center interns will work with MBNMS education staff and may interpret exhibits to the public, conduct guided tours, assist in daily operations and participate in the development delivery or evaluation of events and programs.

Staff Lead: Lisa Uttal

Education Internship #5: Coastal Discovery Center, San Simeon

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and California State Parks operate the Coastal Discovery Center jointly. Located at William Randolph Hearst Memorial Beach on beautiful San Simeon Bay, the center celebrates the connection between land and sea, offering interactive exhibits and education programs which highlight the cultural and natural history of the region.

Center interns will work with MBNMS education staff and may interpret exhibits to the public, assist in daily operations and participate in the development delivery or evaluation of events and programs.

Staff lead: Carolyn Skinder

The MBNMS accepts applications year-round. To apply for an internship position, please complete and submit (via mail, fax or e-mail) the attached application to:

Dawn Hayes, Deputy Superintendent 
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary 
99 Pacific Street, Bldg. 455A 
Monterey, CA 93940 
Fax: (831) 647-4250 
Phone: (831) 647-4256

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