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Postion Announcement: Sanctuary Exploration Center Gift Store Manager
The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is seeking applicants for this part-time position. (2/13/18)

Discovery Saturdays at the Coastal Discovery Center Join sanctuary staff at the CDC for a FREE guided beach and tidepool exploration activity!. (1/31/18)

MBNMS Partners with MBARI for Sur Ridge Research Cruise The focus will be on recording observations and conducting experiments at various locations, at depths from 200 to over 3,000 meters, and will re-visit Sur Ridge. (12/14/17)

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Welcome to Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary! One of our nation's most spectacular marine protected areas, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the world! This "Serengeti of the Sea" stretches along the central coast from San Francisco to Cambria and includes pristine beaches, jewel-like tide pools, lush kelp forests, steep canyons and an offshore seamount teeming with life—from tiny shrimp to giant blue whales. The National Marine Sanctuary System promotes environmental protection, stewardship and ocean research. We invite you to explore and help protect this national undersea treasure.
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