Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

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    Get In Your Sanctuary 2018!

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    The Sanctuary protects 6,094 square statute miles (4,601 nmi2) of ocean

  • sea otter at the surface

    36 species of marine mammals are found in the Sanctuary

  • Shorebird walking on slough

    The Sanctuary boundary includes the Elkhorn Slough

  • Volunteers working at shoreline

    Volunteers assist the Sanctuary in many ways

  • Dolphins jumping

    Short-beak Common Dolphin

News & Upcoming Events

Support Students for Zero Waste Week 2019 This year we are encouraging universities, businesses and organizations to participate. (2/22/19)

Superintendent Statement: Whales in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Need Your Help! (10/4/18)

2018 Nautilus Expedition in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Experience E/V Nautilus Live Deep Sea Exploration (8/31/18)

Superintendent Statement: Grounded Vessel Safely Removed from MBNMS Completion of the second phase of the emergency response and salvage removal of the fishing vessel Pacific Quest. (8/17/18)

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Welcome to Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary! One of our nation's most spectacular marine protected areas, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the world! This "Serengeti of the Sea" stretches along the central coast from San Francisco to Cambria and includes pristine beaches, jewel-like tide pools, lush kelp forests, steep canyons and an offshore seamount teeming with life—from tiny shrimp to giant blue whales. The National Marine Sanctuary System promotes environmental protection, stewardship and ocean research. We invite you to explore and help protect this national undersea treasure.
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