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Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Teachers' Curriculum
"The Land-Sea Connection"

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Credits, Acknowledgments, and Photos


Contributing Authors:

National Marine Sanctuaries

Karen Grimmer

Laura Francis

Steve Gittings

Justin Kenney

Bob Steelquist

Anne Smrcina

Port Angeles School District

Paul Blake

NMSP Special Projects Office

Claire Johnson

Carmel High School

Mike Guardino


National Marine Sanctuaries

Jen Jolly

Maris Sidenstecker

Robin Kendall

Laura Francis

National Science Teachers Association

Shirley Ireton

Faylla Chapman

Linda Perkins

Jane Orbuch

Port Angeles School District

Paul Blake

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

George I. Matsumoto

CA State Parks, Monterey District

Pat Clark-Gray


Karen Dodson

Karen Grimmer

Sandy Gant

Original Graphic Designer: 

Learning in Motion, Inc.

Lisa Paul

These materials were designed for grades 7--12 but may be adapted for other grade levels.

For more information contact the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, 299 Foam Street, Monterey, California 93940.

Phone: (831) 647-4201, email:


We would like to thank all those who have dedicated their lives to the protection and preservation of this ocean planet.

Produced with support from Duke Energy. Website:


Nudibranch & Black rockfish, Kip Evans

Humpback mother & calf, Dave Mantilla

Purple sea urchin, Laura Francis

Deepwater Jelly, Kevin Baskoff

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