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MBNMS Volunteer of the Year 2012 Craig Noke

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picture of Craig Noke

Craig Noke has been an incredible volunteer for the MBNMS in 2012. Not only does Craig volunteer for Team OCEAN (starting in 2009) but in 2012 he also started volunteering for Bay Net all while continuing his volunteer duties for Urban Watch, First Flush, Livestock and Lands, and Snapshot Day. In all Craig has donated well over 100 hours in 2012 and has become an indispensable volunteer for the MBNMS. Craig's dedication to the MBNMS also extends to his volunteering with other organizations including MPA Watch through the Otter Project and traveling to far off countries to teach English with his wife Mary. Craig was a long time employee of Intel and is pretty dialed in as far as technology goes – he is always available to give a quick chat or lesson about wiki pages, Google docs, Drop Box, or some new web based training that might be beneficial to the volunteer programs. Craig took our training slide shows and put them up on Google for all the volunteers to use. Craig is always at the ready for an adventure in water quality day or night and always, always, has a smile on his face even at 2 in the morning!

Craig is one of those incredible people, always willing to get involved, always willing to help out, he strengthens the sanctuary system as a whole because of he is an amazing ambassador to our sanctuaries. He can easily talk to anyone and help them understand why protecting sanctuaries and the oceans is so important. He gets the connections because he volunteers for so many different programs, sees how it all links up and is able to get others excited and involved.

Craig is able to "put it all together" and take his experiences from his work with the MBNMS and apply it to his work with MPA Watch, and vise versa. He is always willing to get out there and get dirty as well as stop and talk to everyone about what a special place we all live next to – the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. I feel as though Craig embodies the best of all qualities of the MBNMS Volunteer of the Year for 2012.

Reviewed: April 11, 2024
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