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Table of Contents
Part I
Part II
The Affected Environment
Part III
Alternatives Including Preferred Alternatives
Part IV
Consequences of Alternatives
Part V
Management Plan
Part VI
List of Preparers and Acknowledgements
Part VII
List of DSEIS/MP Recipients
Appendix A
NMSP Regulations
Appendix B
Proposed Rule for Jade Collection
Appendix C
Response to Comments
Appendix D
Existing Relevant Authorities
Appendix E

V. Management Plan

In accordance with the change proposed by NOAA in its preferred alternative (Section III), the Management Plan contained in Volume I, Part V of the FEIS/MP will be amended as follows (only those sections that will be amended are included below):

Resource Protection

C. Sanctuary Regulations (Page V-7)

The following is inserted as a third paragraph in this section:

In 1997, NOAA amended the regulations prohibiting exploration, development or production of oil, gas or minerals in the Sanctuary to provide an exception for limited, small-scale jade collection within a discrete area of the Sanctuary commonly referred to as Jade Cove (located near Gorda, California). Such collection is limited to collecting loose jade pieces by hand under certain conditions (no tools may be used to collect jade, with the exception of hand tools such as a pry bar not to exceed 36 inches in length to lift or maneuver jade or scratch the surface of a stone as necessary to determine if it is jade, an authorized vessel to access the area, and/or a lift bag(s) with a combined lift capacity of no more than two hundred pounds, and each person may collect only what that person individually carries) or removing larger pieces of loose jade under a permit issued by the MBNMS.

F. Surveillance and Enforcement (Page V-13)

The following is inserted as a sixth paragraph in the Sanctuary Action and Coordination with Existing Agencies section:

With regard to limited, small-scale jade collection activities in the Jade Cove area allowed under the exception to the prohibition against exploration, development or production of oil, gas or minerals in the Sanctuary, the Sanctuary will rely mainly on existing and planned enforcement mechanisms to ensure that the activity is properly conducted. However, special provisions for this area will likely include intermittent enforcement presence by NMFS enforcement agents, State enforcement personnel, and USFS rangers as appropriate; intermittent visits to the area by Sanctuary staff for observation; and may include an interpretive sign informing visitors about the Sanctuary and its regulations.


C. Framework for Research (Page V-18)

The following is inserted as a sixth paragraph in the Monitoring section (Page V-22):

As regards jade collecting in Jade Cove, the MBNMS will require reporting on any jade removed under permits issued for that purpose. MBNMS may establish a voluntary reporting system for jade removed under the general exception, to assist in determining how much jade is removed on an annual basis from the Jade Cove area. Such information would be valuable in helping the Sanctuary assess the jade resource for long term management and protection.


The following is inserted as a last paragraph in the Educational Opportunities section (Page V-26):

Efforts to inform the public about the history and impacts of jade collection will be integrated into the general education strategies of the Sanctuary. Any voluntary monitoring program that the Sanctuary undertakes with regard to jade will include an educational component as well.

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