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Table of Contents
Part I
Part II
The Affected Environment
Part III
Alternatives Including Preferred Alternatives
Part IV
Consequences of Alternatives
Part V
Management Plan
Part VI
List of Preparers and Acknowledgements
Part VII
List of DSEIS/MP Recipients
Appendix A
NMSP Regulations
Appendix B
Proposed Rule for Jade Collection
Appendix C
Response to Comments
Appendix D
Existing Relevant Authorities
Appendix E

VI. List of Preparers and Acknowledgments

This document was prepared by Elizabeth Moore, Sanctuary Project Manager for the Sanctuaries and Reserves Division, with the assistance of Alice Stratton, Ecologist, SRD; and Scott Kathey, Program Specialist, MBNMS.

SRD wishes to acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals to the preparation of this document: Margo Jackson, Michael Weiss, and Stephanie Campbell for their legal advice and assistance; Peter Pelkofer for his contribution of knowledge of the history of the jade collection issue and of the State Lands Commission; Marc Delpiero and Ed Cooper of the Sanctuary Advisory Council (California EPA and Diving representatives respectively) for their assistance in responding to the jade collection issue; and Dave Clayton for providing a great deal of information about the history of the Jade Cove area and his assistance in identifying appropriate people with knowledge regarding jade collection in Jade Cove. SRD would also like to extend its appreciation to the entire Sanctuary Advisory Council for their continued interest and assistance on the jade collection issue.


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