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Final Envronmental Impact Statement

The Monterey Bay Management Plan (MP) is supported by a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), which analyzes the potential impacts from modified and new regulations in the sanctuary, as well as impacts from a range of regulatory alternatives. Proposed changes to regulations are intended to clarify and strengthen protections for marine habitats, sensitive species, water quality, and submerged cultural and historic resources.

To view or download a copy of the Final Environmental Impact Statement, please click on the following links to view the PDF* files:

00 - Cover Abstract, NEPA Letter, Table of Contents 700KB
00a - Executive Summary 804KB
01 - Purpose and Needs 624KB
02 - Proposed Action & Alternatives Description 1.4MB
03 - Combined Environmental Impact Analsys 3.2MB
04 - Alternatives Summary 372KB
05 - NEPA Conclusions 100KB
06 - Findings and Determinations 224KB
07 - Response to Comments 496KB
08 - Report Preparers 140KB
09 - References 256KB
10 - Glossary 184KB
App A - Notice of Intent to Prepare an EIS 1MB
App B - Summary of Proposed Action Plans 216KB
App C - Biology Tables 3.3MB
Complete Final EIS 7.8 MB

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