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Management Plan

The Management Plan (MP) for Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary focus's on key issues and opportunities affecting the sanctuary. The plan contains information about the sanctuary's environment, priority management issues and actions proposed to address them, regulations, staffing and administration, operational and programmatic costs, and performance measures. It addresses important sanctuary programs such as public awareness and understanding, conservation science, water quality, emergency response and enforcement, and maritime heritage. The plan, released in November 2008, represents a major revision of the site's original management plan and is the result of several years of study, planning, and extensive public input.

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Final Management Plan , October 2008
  Cover & Table of Contents 236KB PDF*
  Executive Summary 780KB PDF*

Section I: Introduction

Background • Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Setting • Regulations • Implementing the Managment Plan
3.5MB PDF*

Section II: Coastal Development:

Coastal Armoring • Desalination • Harbors and Dredge Disposal • Submerged Cables
2.5MB PDF*

Section III: Ecosystem Protection:

Big Sur Coast • Bottom Trawling and Benthic Habitats • Davidson Seamount • Emerging Issues • Introduced Species • Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network (SIMoN) • Marine Protected Areas
4.7MB PDF*

Section IV: Operations and Administration:

Performance and Evaluation
2.4MB PDF*

Section V: Partnerships and Opportunities:

Fishing Related Education and Research • Interpretive Facilities • Ocean Literacy and Constituent Building
2.2MB PDF*

Section VI: Water Quality:

Beach Closures and Microbial Contamination • Cruise Ship Discharges • Water Quality Protection Program Implementation
4.1MB PDF*

Section VII: Wildlife Disturbance:

Marine Mammal, Seabird and Turtle Disturbance • Motorized Personal Watercraft • Tidepool Protection
2.3MB PDF*

Section VIII: Cross-Cutting:

Administration and Operations • Community Outreach • Ecosystem Monitoring • Maritime Heritage • Northern Management Area Transition
4.8MB PDF*

Section IX: Appendices

  • Ecosystem Management Related Activities
  • Education & Outreach Related Activities
  • Research & Monitoring Related Activities
  • Enforcement Related Activities
  • List of Acronyms
480KB PDF*
Complete Monterey Bay Management Plan 7.6MB PDF*