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r4107The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries acquired the Sanctuary vessel R4107 in 2008 and it was assigned to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in 2009. Sanctuary vessel R4107 is an advanced composite/fiberglass catamaran vessel built by Seeman Composites, Inc, in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Mission Statement

The R4107 supports collaborative research, education and resource protection projects in the Central and Northern California National Marine Sanctuaries to inform and implement sanctuary management.

General Uses

Sanctuary vessel R4107 will supplement missions being conducted aboard Sanctuary vessel Fulmar, the other Office of National Marine Sanctuaries vessel homeported at the Monterey Harbor. Generally, Sanctuary vessel R4107 is used for small-scale research projects, education, emergency response, and dive operations for the west coast region.

The R4107 schedule is available by clicking here.

Last Modified: 1/12/13