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Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Reflection Awards

In 1993, in celebration of the first anniversary of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, a series of awards were presented to people and organizations who contributed significantly to the development of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary through education, conservation, research, business, political, and public involvement. In subsequent years, awards have been presented to people and organizations that have greatly contributed to the implementation of programs geared towards meeting the goals of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.


Ruth Vreeland Public Official: John Ricker
Citizen: Kathe Tanner
Conservation: Laura Kasa
Education: Laura Lee Lienk
Science/Research: Dr. Rikk Kvitek
Business: Kayak Connection
Organization: Department of Public Works and Utilities, City of Watsonville



Ruth Vreeland Public Official: Ross Clark
Citizen: Anjanette Adams
Conservation: Reverend Deborah Streeter
Education: Jim Covel
Science/Research: Dr. Jeff Paduan
Business: Asilomar Conference Grounds
Organization: Resource Conservation Districts
Special Recognition: Brian E. Baird



Ruth Vreeland Public Official: Assemblymember John Laird
Citizen: Dr. Ed Thornton
Conservation: Karen Garrison
Education: Maris Sidenstecker
Science/Research: Dr. Rick Starr
Business: Passionfish
Organization: Friends of Hearst Castle
Special Recognition: William J. Douros, Stephanie Harlan


Ruth Vreeland Public Official: Ceil Cirillo
Citizen: Ron Massengill
Conservation: Jim Webb
Education: Kenton Parker
Science/Research: Dr. Mark Carr
Business: Adventures by the Sea
Organization: Natural Resources Conservation Service
Special Recognition: Dr. Chris Harrold


Ruth Vreeland Public Official: Emily Reilly
Citizen: Carol Maehr
Conservation: Monterey Bay Sanctuary Citizen Watershed Monitoring Network Volunteers
Education: Kelly Miller
Science/Research: Dr. Robert Lea
Business: Monterey Bay Kayaks
Organization: California Department of Parks and Recreation
Special Recognition: Assemblymember John Laird


Ruth Vreeland Public Official: Ruth Vreeland (posthumously)
Citizen: Phil and Carol Adams
Conservation: MBNMS Management Plan Review Process
Education: Pat Clark-Gray
Science/Research: Dr. Pete Raimondi
Business: Cannery Row Company
Organization: California Marine Sanctuary Foundation
Special Recognition: Dr. Steve Webster


Public Official: Lieutenant Tim Olivas
Citizen: Ed Cooper
Conservation: Kaitlin Gaffney
Education: Dr. John Pearse
Science/Research: Dr. James Harvey
Business: Seaside Company of Santa Cruz
Organization: Elkhorn Slough Foundation
Special Recognition: Coalition of Central Coast County Farm Bureaus


Public Official: Mayor Sandra Koffman
Citizen: Leon and Joanne Garden
Conservation: Vicki Nichols
Education: Liz Love
Science/Research: Dr. Steve Eittreim
Business: West Marine
Organization: Friends of the Elephant Seal


Public Official: Oscar Rios
Citizen: Ralph Neal
Conservation: Donna Myers
Education: Arlene Breise
Science/Research: Dr. Michael Foster
Business: Pacific Merchant Shipping Association
Organization: U.S. Geological Survey
Special Recognition: Monterey Bay Aquarium, Friends of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories


Public Official: Congressman Sam Farr, Sally Yozell
Citizen: Scott Benson
Conservation: Steve Shimek
Education: Mike Guardino
Science/Research: Dr. Francisco Chavez
Business: Duke Energy
Organization: City of Santa Cruz
Special Recognition: Dr. Marcia McNutt


Public Official: Assemblymember Fred Keeley
Citizen: Chet Forrest
Conservation: Commander Chip Sharpe
Education: Steve Clark
Science/Research: Dr. Gary Greene
Business: Robert Lyn Nelson Studios
Organization: U.S Coast Guard
Special Recognition: Margaret Owings (posthumously)


Public Official: Roy Torres
Conservation: Ellen Faurot Daniels
Education: Milos Radakovich
Science/Research: Mary Yoklavich
Business: O'Neill
Organization: UC Sea Grant Program
Special Recognition: Karin Strasser Kauffman


Public Official: Senator Bruce McPherson, Bill Reichmuth
Citizen: Mark Silberstein
Conservation: Dr. Holly Price
Education: Jane Orbuch
Science/Research: Dr. Bruce Robison
Organization: Moss Landing Marine Labs
Special Recognition: Terry Jackson


Public Official: Congressman Sam Farr
Citizen: BAYNET Volunteers, Sanctuary Stewards
Conservation: Les Strnad
Education: Dorris Welch
Science/Research: Deborah Johnston
Organization: Surfrider Foundation
Iron Man: Dr. John Martin


Public Official: Joe Townsend, Bud Laurent, Gary Patton
Citizen: Dr. Tom LaHue
Conservation: Rachel Saunders
Education: Dr. Steven Webster
Science/Research: Dr. John Pearse
Organization: Save Our Shores
Special Recognition: Dr. James Rote


Public Official: David Iverson, Robley Levy, Marc Del Piero, Karin Strasser Kauffman
Citizen: Jo Stallard, Dan Haifley
Conservation: Alan Baldridge
Education: Dr. Kenneth Norris, Mary Flodin
Science/Research: Dr. John Martin
Organization: Center for Marine Conservation, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Special Recognition: Congressman Leon Panetta


Other MBNMS Awards and Honorees


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