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Davidson Seamount



As a result of management plan revision, a seven-year process involving public input and agency collaboration, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) expanded to include the Davidson Seamount in 2009. The Final Rule, which includes the boundary expansion, is available at

The Davidson Seamount is a pristine undersea mountain habitat off the coast of Central California, 70 nautical miles to the southwest of Monterey and 65 nautical miles west of San Simeon. At 23 nautical miles long and 7 nautical miles wide, it is one of the largest known seamounts in U.S. waters. From base to crest, the seamount is 7,480 feet tall, yet its summit is still 4,101 feet below the sea surface.

dsm map
Davidson Seamount Management Zone addition to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.
(Credit: Chad King/SIMoN/MBNMS)
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Davidson Seamount was the first to be characterized as a "seamount" in 1938 by the United States Board on Geographic Names, and was named in honor of the United Sates Coast and Geodetic Survey scientist George Davidson, a leader in charting the waters of the west coast.

Davidson Seamount is populated with a diversity of deep-sea corals, most of which have other species associated with them. It has been called "An Oasis in the Deep," hosting large coral forests, vast sponge fields, crabs, deep-sea fishes, shrimp, basket stars, and high numbers of rare and unidentified benthic species. The seamount has special national significance relative to ocean conservation, ecological, scientific, educational, aesthetic, and historical qualities.

New technology has only recently allowed scientists to bring back dramatic high resolution images from the deep sea, offering researchers and the public an opportunity to witness the never before seen glimpses of rare marine species living in this largely cold, dark, and mysterious habitat. The proximity of education and research institutions in the Monterey Bay region facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations that enhance research and education about this spectacular area.

The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries has determined that the Davidson Seamount requires protection from the take of or other injury to benthic organisms or those organisms living near the seafloor because of the seamount's special ecological and fragile qualities and potential future threats that could adversely affect these qualities. As part of the 2008 Management Plan for the MBNMS, a boundary change includes the undersea mountain as the Davidson Seamount Management Zone (DSMZ). The boundary change adds a 585 square nautical mile area to the MBNMS, increasing the MBNMS area to 4,601 square nautical miles.

Bubble gum coral (Paragorgia arborea) on the Davidson Seamount at 1,313 meters.
(Credit: NOAA/MBARI 2006)
Pacific white-sided dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) above Davidson Seamount.
(Credit: Chad King/SIMoN/MBNMS)
Fly-trap anemone (Family: Hormathiidae) on the slope of the Davidson Seamount at 1,874 meters.
(Credit: NOAA/MBARI 2002)
Yellow sponge (Staurocalyptus sp. nov.), basket star (Gorgonocephalus sp.), white ruffle sponge (Farrea occa), and white-branched sponge (Asbestopluma sp. nov.) on the Davidson Seamount at 1,316 meters.
(Credit: NOAA/MBARI 2006)


Davidson Seamount Management Zone (DSMZ):
Facts and Figures

Distance from Monterey
70 nautical miles
129 kilometers
Distance from San Simeon
65 nautical miles
121 kilometers
Seamount Length
23 nautical miles
42 kilometers
Seamount Width
7 nautical miles
13 kilometers
Seamount Height
7,480 feet
2,280 meters
Seamount Summit (below sea surface)
4,101 feet
1,250 meters
Deepest part of DSMZ
12,713 feet
3,875 meters
Area of DSMZ
585 sq nautical miles
2,007 sq kilometers
Area of MBNMS (including DSMZ)
4,601 sq nautical miles
15,783 sq kilometers
Effective Date of DSMZ Designation
March 9, 2009
Number of Corals Identified at Designation
Number of Taxa Identified at Designation
Geologic History
last erupted ~9.8 million years ago
Coordinates of DSMZ
Point ID No.


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