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Research Technical Report

Stomach contents of a Cuvier's Beaked Whale (Ziphius cavirostris) stranded in Monterey Bay, California

Adams, J., W.A. Walker, E.J. Burton, and J.T. Harvey (Spring 2015)

Northwestern Naturalist 96:93-98


An adult female Z. cavirostris (Moss Landing Marine Laboratory Museum [MLMLM] #499, standard length 600 cm) stranded dead on 15 January 1998 at Marina State Beach, California (UTM: Zone 10S, 607191E, 4062264N, WGS84). During a 2-d field necropsy, to minimize the loss of contents, we tied-off both the esophageal and duodenal ends of the stomach before removing it on 16 January 1998. Prey remains were also collected from the whale's oral cavity. The stomach contents from 5 pyloric compartments (see Kenyon 1961 for a description of the stomach of an adult female Z. cavirostris) were gently rinsed and sifted through a 500-µm sieve.






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