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Research Technical Report

Nearshore Morphology and Late Quaternary Geologic Framework of the Northern Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary, California

Anima, R.J., S.L. Eittreim, B.D. Edwards, and A.J. Stevenson (2002)

Marine Geology 181:35-54


A combination of side-scanning sonar and high-resolution seismic reflection data image seafloor bedrock exposures and erosional features across the nearshore shelf. Sediment-filled troughs incise the inner shelf rock exposures and tie directly to modern coastal streams. The resulting bedrock geometry can be related to its resistance to erosion. Comparison of the depth of the transgressive erosional surface to recently developed sea level curves suggests a period of slow sea level rise during the early stages of post-interglacial marine transgression. The slow rise of sea level suggests an erosional episode that limited the preservation of buried paleo-channels beyond 70 m water depth. Seafloor features suggest that localized faulting in the area may have influenced the morphology of bedrock exposures and the coastline.

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