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Research Technical Report

A Classification Scheme For Deep Seafloor Habitats

Greene, H.G., M.M. Yoklavich, R.M. Starr, V.M. O‘Connell, W.W. Wakefield, D.E. Sullivan, J.E. McRea Jr., and G.M. Cailliet (1999)

Oceanologica Acta 22(6):663-678


A standard, universally useful classification scheme for deepwater habitats needs to be established so that description of these habitats can be accurately and efficiently applied among scientific disciplines. In recent years many marine benthic habitats in deep water have been described using geophysical and biological data. These descriptions can vary from one investigator to another, which makes it difficult to compare habitats and associated biological assemblages among geographic regions. Using geophysical data collected with a variety of remote sensor systems and in situ biological and geologic observations, we have constructed a classification scheme that can be used in describing marine benthic habitats in deep water.

Reviewed: April 11, 2024
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