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Research Technical Report

A PDF version of this report is available here:

King_2013_fulmar_divereport_CY12.pdf (291kb)

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Summary of SCUBA Diving Operations Conducted from R/V Fulmar - 2012

King, C. (February 2013)

MBNMS Technical Report, 4pp.


The diving team at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) primarily conducts or participates in, diving operations that characterize the nearshore habitats (primarily kelp forest ecosystems) from the Monterey Peninsula, south to Cambria. The MBNMS is also tasked with the supervision and oversight of the maintenance of a network of oceanographic moorings stationed in the nearshore up and down the central California coast and equipped for search and recovery tasks, with the consideration of the certification limits of each diver. Additionally, the MBNMS diving team is equipped with underwater digital SLR cameras, a GoPro camera, point and shoot cameras and a high-definition underwater video camera for habitat and resource characterization and outreach purposes.

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