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Research Technical Report

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National Marine Sanctuaries as Sentinel Sites for a Demonstration Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (MBON)

Muller-Karger, F., F. Chavez, M. Kavanaugh, E. Montes, S. Gittings, M. Breitbart, D. Anderson, M. Tartt, K. Thompson, M. Howard, B. Kirkpatrick, S. Donahue, A. DeVogelaere, J. Brown, J. Field, S. Bograd, E. Hazen, A. Boehm, K. O'Keife, G. Graettinger, J. Lamkin, B. Muhling, E. (Libby) Johns, and M. Roffer (July 2015)

MBON Progress Report Year 1: 2014 - 2015, 18pp.

Reviewed: April 11, 2024
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