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Special Regulatory Zones


This section provides links to maps and descriptions of special regulatory zones within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Some zones are exclusionary zones while other zones are designed to confine certain activities within them.

To view a zone map, click on its image. To view the boundary description for a particular zone map, click on the text link below the map image.

Overflight Prohibition Zones map   MPWC Zones map   MPWC Zone 5 - Mavericks map

NOAA Regulated Overflight Zones

Zone description - text

MPWC Zones

Zone description - text

MPWC Zone 5 - Mavericks

Zone description - text

Dredge Disposal Sites map   Jade Collection Zone map   IMO Recommended Vessel Tracks

Dredge Disposal Sites

Zone description - text

Jade Collection Zone

Zone description - text

IMO Recommended Vessel Tracks

Davidson Seamount Management Zone mapDavidson Seamount Management Zone diagram   Elkorn Slough Map - small

Davidson Seamount Management Zone

Zone description - text



Elkhorn Slough

Zone description - text


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