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Individuals appointed to the 20 public seats on the Sanctuary Advisory Council serve voluntary terms of two to three years. A few times each year, with the approach of end-of-term dates for various seats, a recruitment period is opened to provide a public opportunity for interested persons to apply for membership for open positions on the council. Currently serving advisory council members may also seek to be reappointed, subject to term limit provisions described within the council’s charter.

The Importance of Diversity

Whether within a natural ecosystem or a human community, diversity creates strength and resilience. NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries values the remarkable diversity of knowledge, perspectives, and experience found throughout sanctuary communities, and invites a wide range of individuals to seek membership on sanctuary advisory councils. With a diverse membership, advisory councils can broaden access to understanding and participation in marine conservation and governance, and can become more effective in helping to advance the mission of the National Marine Sanctuary System.

Seats Currently Being Recruited

Seat Primary Alternate
(San Luis Obispo - Alternate; Santa Cruz - Primary & Alternate)
yes (2) yes (1)
Commercial Fishing yes yes
Diving yes yes
Education no yes
Tourism yes yes


National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Application & Guidelines   PDF
ONMS/MBNMS Advisory Council Application Cover Letter    
MBNMS General Requirements for Advisory Council Representatives HTML PDF
MBNMS Specific Requirements for Advisory Council Representatives HTML PDF
MBNMS Sanctuary Advisory Council Charter & Protocols HTML PDF


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