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Since its establishment in March 1994, the Advisory Council has played a vital role in the decisions affecting the Sanctuary along the central California Coast. The advisory council’s twenty voting members represent a variety of local user groups, the general public, and eight local, state and federal governmental jurisdictions. In addition, the respective managers for California National Marine Sanctuaries (Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary), National Marine Fisheries Service, Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve and United States Coast Guard sit as non-voting members. Members are appointed competitively by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.Candidates selected for the Agriculture Alternate and College Alternate seats should expect to serve until February 2024. The Conservation Alternate should expect to serve until February 2025.

Advisory council representatives are expected to attend full advisory council meetings held every other month in full-day open sessions located at various locations along the Sanctuary’s 276-mile shoreline. Individual members may also participate in working groups, subcommittees, or special taskforces.

The White House has requested that Executive Branch Agencies adopt additional vetting responsibilities for boards, commissions, advisory committees, and related entities. Specifically, if an individual candidate has been a federally registered lobbyist in the two-year period before their appointment date, they may not be a member of a board, commission, or advisory committee.

Seats Currently Being Recruited

Seat Primary Alternate
Agriculture no yes
Conservation no yes
College no yes


National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Application & Guidelines   PDF
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