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MBNMS Sanctuary Education Panel (SEP)

In January 1992, a group of Monterey Bay marine educators collaborated on guiding the newly designated sanctuary in educational endeavors. This ad-hoc committee (then known as the Interim Education Advisory Committee) was formed and met monthly to formulate plans and implement programs aimed at improving public knowledge of and appreciation for the sanctuary. Upon the establishment of the Sanctuary Advisory Council (SAC) in March 1994, the ad-hoc committee was formally acknowledged as an advisory body to the council as well as the sanctuary staff and given the name Sanctuary Education Panel (SEP).

The chair of the SEP works closely with the Education & Outreach Coordinator, Amity Wood. Membership is open to educators from aquariums, nature centers, museums, universities, conservation organizations, government agencies, non-profit groups as well as classroom teachers and school administrators. We currently have 16 SEP Members.

The SEP meets as needed. Through these meetings the SEP strives to meet several key objectives:

  1. Provide input to Sanctuary staff on regional education issues and priorities.
  2. Review MBNMS educational programming.
  3. Facilitate the exchange of regional/national education information and create opportunities for project coordination.
  4. Convey regional educational needs and opportunities to the SAC.
  5. Assist in the implementation of programs to increase understanding and stewardship of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

If you are considering joining SEP as a member, we encourage you to attend one of our meetings. Please contact Amity Wood to receive email notifications of upcoming meetings and associated agendas.

The SEP also maintains an email listserve for regional educators who are interested in current information, educational opportunities, and conservation activities that relate to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Please click here if you would like to be placed on our educator email list.


For more information, contact:

Amity Wood
99 Pacific Street, Bldg. 455
Monterey, CA 93940
Phone: (831) 647-4255
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