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Biological Communities: Coastal Dunes

Coastal Dunes

IV. Selected cCoastal Dune Community Resources

Research/Monitoring Institutions

  • Monterey Dunes Coalition
  • California Department of Parks and Recreation
  • Watershed Institute, California State University Monterey Bay


  • Barbour, M. and A. Johnson. 1988. Beach and dune. In: M. Barbour and J. Major (Eds.). Terrestrial vegetation of California. Spec. Publ. No. 9. Calif. Native Plant Soc., Sacramento, CA. ix + 1030 p.
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Planning documents (often available through Monterey County Planning Department)

  • ABA Consultants. 1992. Biological assessment and restoration plan, sand dune reconstruction at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. Prepared for Office of Chancellor, Calif. State Univ. 34 p.
  • Monterey Bay Dunes Coalition. 1991. Monterey Bay dunes: a strategy for preservation. Unpub. report by coalition of Ventana Chapter of Sierra Club, Monterey Peninsula Audubon Soc., Monterey Bay Chapter of California Native Plant Society. 63 p.


  • Pomeroy, M. 1990. Wildflowers of Asilomar Dunes. Calif. Dept. Parks and Recreation and pacific Grove-Asilomar Operating Corp., Pacific Grove, CA.

Internet Resources

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