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Biological Communities: Cold Seep Communities

Cold Seep Communities
IV. Selected Cold Seep Community Resources

Research Institutions:

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Moss Landing
  • U.S. Geological Survey

Journal Articles:

  • Barry, J.P., H.G. Greene, D.L. Orange, C.H. Baxter, B.H. Robison, R.E. Kochevar, J.W. Nybakken, D.L. Reed, C.M. McHugh. in press. Biologic and Geologic characteristics of cold seeps in Monterey Bay, California. Deep-Sea Research.
  • Corliss, J.B., J. Dymond, L.I. Gordon, J.M. Edmond, R.P. vonHerzen, R.D. Ballard, K. Green, D. Williams, A. Bainbridge, K. Crane, and T.H. vanAndel. 1979. Submarine thermal springs on the Galapagos Rift. Science 203:1073-1083.
  • Embley, R.W., S.L. Eittreim, C.H. McHugh, W.R. Normark, G.H. Rau, B. Hecker, A.E. DeBevoise, H.G. Greene, W.B. Ryan, C. Harrold, and C. Baxter. 1990. Geological setting of chemosynthetic communities in the Monterey Fan Valley system. Deep-Sea Research 37:1651-1667.
  • Paull, C.K., B. Hecker, C. Commeau, R.P. Feeman-Lynde, C. Neumann, W.P. Corso, G. Golubic, J. Hook, E. Sikes, and J. Curray. 1984. Biological communities at Florida Escarpment resemble hydrothermal vent communities. Science 226:965-967.

Internet Resources:

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Cold Seeps in Monterey Bay
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