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Biological Communities: Shallow Soft Bottom Habitats

Shallow Soft Bottom Habitats
V. Selected Shallow Soft Bottom Resources

Research Institutions:

  • Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (California State Universities), Moss Landing, CA.

  • Books/Journal Articles:

    • Oliver, J.S. 1980. Processes affecting the organization of marine soft-bottom communities in Monterey Bay, California and McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. PhD Thesis, Univ. Calif., San Diego.
    • Oliver, J.S., P.N. Slattery, L.W. Hulberg, and J.W. Nybakken. 1980. Relationships between wave disturbance and zonation of benthic invertebrate communities along a subtidal high-energy beach in Monterey Bay, California. Fish. Bull. 78(2) 437-454.
    • Slattery, P.N. 1980. Ecology and life histories of dominant infaunal crustaceans inhabiting the subtidal high energy beach at Moss Landing, California. MA Thesis, San Jose State University.

    Internet Resources:

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