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Spring Artist Workshop Series at the Sanctuary Exploration Center

Saturday mornings from 10am-12pm May 4th-June 8th, please contact us by email, for more information.

Download the 2019 Spring Artist Workshop Series Flyer (840K PDF)

Field Sketching with Tina Fuller of Hawk and Hammer Designs

image of various sketchbook art by Tina Fuller Students will receive a brief lecture/demonstration on artists' field sketchbooks, going over how to choose your subject, composition, and different artistic techniques with mixed media easy to use in the field. We will then go for a short walk over to Cowell Beach to sketch local scenery from life!

Coffee, tea and breakfast treats will be provided!

Saturday May 4th from 10am–12pm

  • Finished Product: One (or more!) mixed media sketchbook page(s) of local scenery
  • What to Bring: your own sketchbook and drawing supplies
  • Price per person: $30 age 10 and up
  • Register ONLINE

Baby Leatherback Painting with Anastasiya Bachmanova of Follow the Sun Art

image of leatherback sea turtle art and paint brushed by Anastasiya Bachmanova In this two-hour class we will follow a beginner friendly step-by-step process to create our own ocean inspired paintings. Great for complete beginners and seasoned creatives alike, you have the freedom to add your personal touch - tweak the colors and composition, or just follow along with my instruction! We will learn and practice various painting techniques as we go like color mixing and brush control, with plenty of room for creativity. One-on-one help is always available and all supplies are included - 16"x20" canvas, paint, brushes, and aprons.

Coffee, tea and breakfast treats will be provided!

Saturday May 11th from 10am–12pm

  • Finished Product: One 16"x20 canvas baby leatherback sea turtle painting
  • Price per person: $30 per adult, $45 for adult + child age 8-12
  • Register ONLINE

Sea Animals Collagraph Printmaking with Joan P Bogart

image of foam collagraph sea art by Joan Bogart In this 2 hour workshop with local artist Joan Bogart learn how to design and print your own sea animals using a foam collagraph printmaking method. Learn about and admire the different shapes and textures animals have from our image reference. Cut and collage foam shapes and draw it in your collagraph. Make any design entirely on your own! Then ink and pull up to 3 prints from your collagraph to take home (8x10" paper)

With remaining time the instructor, artist Joan Bogart, will have her carved sea animal blocks for you to print and take home, one paper per person.

Coffee, tea and breakfast treats will be provided!

Saturday May 18th from 10am–12pm

  • Price per person: $30 per adult, $20 for child age 4-12 (must be with a paid adult)
  • What you will do:
    • Learn how to make a sea animals in a collagraph printing method using foam and various drawing tool
    • On a 5x7" mat board, arrange, cut, draw your sea animal from pieces of foam glued on
    • Learn to ink and pull prints of your collagraph using water soluble ink, rollers and paper
    • Print up to 3 pieces of paper size 8x10"
    • Note that this is not a block printing workshop involving carving tools. Visit Joan's website ( for information block printing workshops she teaches in town
  • Register ONLINE

Upcycled Plastic Hawiian Style Weaving with Local Environmental Educator and Artist Rachael Kippen

image of weaving art by Rachael Kippen This interactive workshop, participants will learn some basics about agricultural plastic use in the Monterey Bay area, both the sustainability benefits provided by the material, and some of the storm water quality and waste management challenges. Guests will then weave retrieved agricultural plastic irrigation drip tape that was recovered from a farm in restoration by the Elkhorn Slough Foundation. Participants will connect the harvesting and weaving of the plastic to the Hawaiian cultural weaving of lauhala. Participants will create their own weaving of agricultural plastic that they will be able to take home with them and decorate how they see fit.

Coffee, tea and breakfast treats will be provided!

Saturday May 25th from 10am–12pm

  • What to Bring: an old framed canvas painting that you have one to upcycle (frames will also be provided at the workshop
  • Price per person: $15 per person age 10 and up
  • **All proceeds will be donated to O'Neill Sea Odyssey**
  • Register ONLINE

Seaglass Mosaic Shadowbox with Kristi Scott of Etched by the Sea

image of glass mosaic art by Kristi Scott Join us for a step-by-step class to create a sea glass mosaic in a wood shadow box frame. You can make a sea turtle or create your own design. All supplies are included: 5”x7” natural wood shadow box, paper, photo mat, jute ribbon hanger, adhesive glue, and a selection of sea glass, seashells, beach stones, and driftwood. If you want to use your own beach finds, please bring them to incorporate into your design!

Coffee, tea and breakfast treats will be provided!

Saturday June 1st from 10am–12pm

Paper Lantern Jellies using Recycled Plastics with Local Environmental Educator Chelsea Prindle

image of paper lantern jellies by Chelsea Prindle In this interactive workshop, participants will be introduced to major ocean processes and how plastics have impacted our oceans. Guests will then create a paper lantern jellyfish using repurposed plastics, ribbon and other materials that they will be able to take home. One paper lantern will be provided, but more will be available for purchase at the workshop.

Coffee, tea and breakfast treats will be provided!

Saturday june 8th from 10am–11am and 11am–12pm

  • Price per person: $15 per adult, $10 for child age 6-12 with paying adult
  • **All proceeds will be donated to the Sanctuary Exploration Center**
  • Register ONLINE


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