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Get Involved Overview

A myriad of opportunities are available to those interested in participating in or supporting sanctuary activities.

Sanctuary Advisory Council (SAC)

Established by federal law to assure public participation in sanctuary management, the council includes individuals representing a variety of agencies and partners, user and interest groups. Citizens are invited to apply for council seats or may attend monthly council meetings. Four working groups support the SAC, meet to discuss topics pertaining to research (RAP), education (SEP), conservation (CWG), and business & tourism (BTAP). The public may attend working group meetings.


Volunteer Programs

Our volunteer programs get you into the sanctuary and its watersheds, whether walking along the beach to collect data or kayaking on the bay to interact with sanctuary visitors. Learn more.

volunteer docents


Students are invited to apply for a variety of student internship opportunities.

Interns working

Events Calendar

Check out a current schedule of sanctuary and marine-related events!

California Marine Sanctuary Foundation

The Sanctuary Foundation is a public benefit 501(C)(3) non-profit organization established to obtain funding for important sanctuary conservation initiatives. The public is welcome to give an online donation to support projects that aid in the understanding and protection of Monterey National Marine Bay Sanctuary.

Email Lists

Sign up to learn about or share information related to a variety of sanctuary activities, opportunities and resources.


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