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Marine Operations

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary relies on a variety of platforms to conduct research, emergency response, enforcement, education, and dive operations. These platforms are owned and operated by either National Marine Sanctuaries, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), or others within the region. Click the images below to learn more about vessels used by the Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Platforms

  R/V Fulmar
R/V Fulmar
(67 foot vessel)
(41 foot vessel)

NOAA Platform

NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada
(208 foot vessel)

Regional Research Platforms

Regionally-owned and operated research platforms, including submersibles, large and small vessels, and aircraft are also available for use. This list is for information purposes only; Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary does not necessarily endorse any of these research platforms.

Sanctuary Dive Team

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary has an active dive team and is part of the NOAA Diving Program. The dive team consists of three Federal employees and three non-Federal contractors. These six divers have multiple NOAA certifications including: Working Diver (3), Divemaster (3), Scientific Diver (4), and one Scientific Diver Trainer. The dive team regularly participates in a variety of science diving projects, and diving operations are most active during the summer and fall. Science diving tasks include monitoring inside and outside of marine protected areas, experiments with invasive species, habitat characterization and both digital photography and videography. Working dives include hull inspections and maintenance, inspection of moorings, and occasional search and recovery dives. These dives are generally conducted from shore or from Sanctuary vessels such as the R/V Fulmar.

diver1 diver2 diver3


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