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The Fifth Annual Whalefest Monterey, January 24th & 25th

This free fun and educational, interactive family event for all ages celebrates the migration of the gray whales! The event also benefits many local and national marine organizations that educate, inspire, and empower the public to protect the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Sponsored by Monterey Old Fisherman's Wharf Association, the event will be at and around Old Fisherman’s Wharf from 10AM to 5PM Saturday and Sunday. Please visit the Whalefest website for more info. (1/22/15)

MBNMS/NOAA Release Final Environmental Assessment For CalAm Test Slant Well Project.

"MBNMS/NOAA has finalized an Environmental Assessment (EA) (5.7M PDF) which analyzed the potential impacts of a slant test well project proposed by California American Water, a privately-owned water and wastewater company, and prepared a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) (474K PDF) to the environmental resources within MBNMS and adjacent shoreline areas. The proposed project described in the EA has been evaluated for consistency with the National Marine Sanctuaries Act (16 U.S.C. 1431 et seq.), sanctuary goals and objectives, and ONMS and MBNMS permitting regulations. The environmental impacts of the permitted action are described in the EA, pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (42 U.S.C. 4321 et seq.) and related implementing regulations.” For more information, please contact Bridget Hoover by email. (11/16/14)

Winter 2014 Sanctuary Advisory Council Recruitment Now Open

MBNMS is recruiting for the Primary Education seat, and Alternate Conservation seat on the Sanctuary Advisory Council. Anyone interested may apply. Deadline for for receiving a completed application is Tuesday, December 31, 2014. (11/14/14)

New 'Whale Alert' iPhone/iPad App Gives Public An Opportunity to Directly Participate in Whale Conservation

The updated free Whale Alert app now supports reporting of whale sightings by the maritime community and the broader public. This information is shared in real-time with leading whale researchers and state and federal management authorities. In some cases, whale sightings will trigger confirmation “over-flights” by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) or the United States Coast Guard (USCG) who will then determine whether or not temporary speed restrictions should be created (Dynamic Management Areas). (9/11/14)

Healthy People, Healthy Ocean! You’re invited to the inaugural Monterey Beach Sportsfest this October 4-5, 2014

There is no better way to enjoy and connect with the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary than getting in! So, we’re getting the word out to clubs and other groups who may want to take part in the new Monterey Beach Sportsfest Saturday and Sunday, October 4-5. It’s a two-day celebration of the active ocean lifestyle on the edge of Monterey’s beautiful Del Monte Beach and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

2014 Food Safety and Water Quality Co-management Forum, August 20th

Join the Farm, Food Safety & Conservation Network (FFSCN) for the 2014 Food Safety & Water Quality Co-Management Forum at the UCCE Auditorium in Salinas. The daylong agenda will include a morning session with information and discussion of drought, FSMA and water quality as well as an afternoon field session to observe and discuss co-management practices at an organic producer’s site. The event is free and open to the public, coffee and lunch provided. We are limited to 100 participants, so please register to reserve your place here. For more information, please contact Pam Krone-Davis at (831) 647-4238 or by email. (8/4/14)

MBNMS Superintendent Requests Public's Help To Protect Sanctuary Wildlife

Whales in Monterey Bay National Narine Sanctuary need your help! Humpbacks and other marine wildlife are once again feeding close to shore. Enjoy them from a distance. Please respect these incredible animals and their natural behaviors. Give them plenty of room to feed and move through the area. The last thing anyone wants is harassment of a whale, or worse, an overturned boat and someone injured from getting too close. Read her statement. (7/31/14)

The Great Pacific Race – Connecting Two National Marine Sanctuaries Across 2,500 miles of ocean!

On June 7th 2014, a small fleet of specially-designed row boats from around the world set out on an epic journey, using sheer will, muscle, and determination to row from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. The Great Pacific Race is the “biggest, baddest human endurance challenge on the planet”. The shortest route between Monterey and Honolulu is about 2,400 miles but winds, waves, current and less than perfect steering mean that each boat will actually cover closer to 3,000 miles. This epic journey is expected to take between 45 and 90 days depending on the number of people in the crew, the quality of their preparation and sea conditions. During the race the crews are not allowed to accept assistance and so must carry everything they might need. (7/21/14)

MBNMS Hosts National Association of Black SCUBA Divers Youth Education Summit

From June 22 to June 28, twenty-five youth (ages 13-17) will attend a week-long education summit focused on the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and marine conservation issues.

The National Association of Black SCUBA divers youth education summit exposes young SCUBA divers to the diverse ecosystems and relevant science of one sanctuary each year. These students will travel from across the country to be immersed in the marine sanctuary and take the lessons they have learned back to their own diving communities. (6/23/14)


NOAA Releases Proposed Ammendment to Introduced Species Regulation in GFNMS and MBNMS

The ammendment is specific to non-invasive introduced species pertaining to shellfish aquaculture in California State waters within the two sanctuary boundaries. For more information, please contact Dave Lott by email. (4/14/14)

From The Marine Sanctuaries Conservation Series, ONMS-14-07: "The Containerized Shipping Industry and the Phenomenon of Containers Lost at Sea"

Written by MBNMS's own Dr. Andrew DeVogelaere and Oren Frey, this report describes the discovery of the container in the deepwater habitat of the MBNMS, and discuss the causes of container loss and the trend in recent years toward heightened loss rates. For more information, contact Dr. DeVogelaere at (831) 647-4213, or by email.

Public Input Needed for Coastal Erosion Plan from Moss Landing to Pillar Point

MBNMS and the Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup (CSMW) invite the public to provide input on a Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan being developed for the Santa Cruz Littoral Cell, which encompasses the 75 miles of coastline between Moss Landing and Pillar Point. The workshop is being hosted by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The two dates for the workshops are 3/27/14 from 6PM-8PM, and 5/20/14 also from 6PM-8PM. Please RSVP (and for more information) with Brad Damitz at (415) 259-5766, or by email. (3/24/14)

2011 Lost Gear Project Cruise Report

MBNMS staff and partners conducted a ten-day research mission in 2011 to survey deepwater habitats, including at Point Sur, and to remove lost fishing gear, such as traps and nets, from the seafloor using an ROV. Recovered gear was either lightly or heavily encrusted, yet did not appear to be actively fishing. (12/16/13)

Scientists To Give Lost Shipping Container a Second Look

From December 11-16, 2013, MBNMS research staff will be using cutting edge deep-sea technology to re-visit a shipping container that now lies on the seafloor almost a mile beneath the surface of Monterey Bay. Teaming up with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and their sophisticated remotely operated vehicle, MBNMS hopes to better understand the ramifications to the local ecology. (12/6/13)

Congressman Sam Farr Supports Collaborative EFH Proposal

Please read the Congressmans letter for more information (1.2M PDF). (11/4/13)

Water Monitoring Volunteers Needed!

Teams of volunteers are needed to collect samples from storm drain outfalls during the first major rainfall of the winter (First Flush) and throughout the rainy season (ASBS sampling). (9/26/13)


MBNMS Helps Central California Emergency Hyperbaric Chamber Get Back On–Line

Last March, the marine sanctuary hosted a meeting of interested parties and collaborated with chamber volunteers, the City of Pacific Grove, regional marine science and education partners, the California Marine Sanctuary Foundation, MBNMS advisory council members, and several offices of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to help reopen the facility. MBNMS arranged for two specialized technicians from the NOAA Dive Center in Seattle to assist chamber operators in completing repairs and maintenance on the chamber – work that was essential to its return to service on August 3, 2013. (8/20/13)


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