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Permits, Regulations, and Enforcement


The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) is managed under the authority of the National Marine Sanctuaries Act (NMSA). Under the NMSA the MBNMS has the ability to grant permits for prohibited activities and enforce sanctuary regulations. Information contained in these pages will assist you to plan a project, report an incident of concern, or to simply learn more about protecting the magnificent natural resources found within the waters of the sanctuary.

More Information

Regulations & Boundaries

Information about federal law, regulations, prohibitions, and boundary and special zone maps of the sanctuary.

bondry map


Federal law protects natural and cultural resources of the sanctuary. Federal and California law enforcement officers patrol the sanctuary and respond to incidents that pose a threat to marine resources and qualities.

enforcement aircraft

Do I Need A Permit?

Activities normally prohibited or restricted by sanctuary regulations may sometimes be authorized through a permit issued by the sanctuary superintendent.

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Partners and Links

Federal, state, and local agencies that sanctuary staff routinely coordinate and collaborate with on regulatory, permit, and enforcement issues within the MBNMS.

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