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General Information

In November of 2008, the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries released final revised management plans, regulations, and a joint final environmental impact statement for Cordell Bank, Gulf of the Farallones and Monterey Bay national marine sanctuaries.

These documents are a result of over seven years of study, planning and extensive public input and addresses key issues in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Issues addressed include ecosystem protection, wildlife disturbance, vessel discharge, water quality, introduced species, and coastal development.

mbnms final mp final eis
MBNMS Management Plan
-October 2008-
Final Environmental Impact Statement
-September 2008-
MBNMS Final Rules & Regulations
-November 2008-

reg summary
Summary & Comparison of New Regulations
(548KB PDF*)

from FEIS,section 2(Poposed Action & Alternatives)


Original Designation Documents - 1992