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Classroom Resources

Online materials and classroom activities to help you excite you students about National Marine Sanctuaries and the ocean.

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Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Resources

Voices of the Bay

Voices of the Bay will introduce your students to Monterey Bay's rich fishing heritage as well as its relevance and value today.

O'Neill Sea Odyssey - Investigations in a National Marine Sanctuary (1.6M PDF)

Hands-on activities including investigations on navigation, marine habitats, marine ecology and conservation for grades 4-6.


The Land-Sea Connection

Use a bathymetric map of the sanctuary along with activities designed to increase your students' understanding of science and geography.

Watershed Activity Guide (7.6M PDF)

A comprehensive watershed program including hands-on field and classroom activities, monitoring and restoration projects, bilingual worksheets and journal prompts so students can analyze and reflect on how each project relates to real world conservation efforts. The activity guide is adapted to specific sanctuary environments.

Monterey Bay Sanctuary K-12 Classroom Activities

Check out these activities developed by the National Geographic Society.

Watershed Model

A hands-on model to teach about urban runoff is available to check-out from the sanctuary by calling (831)-647-4201.

Additional Monterey Bay Sanctuary Resources

National Marine Sanctuaries Resources

West Coast Marine Sanctuaries Shipwreck Database and Activities

These activities encourage your students to become shipwreck detectives and historians.


Encyclopedia of the National Marine Sanctuaries

Explore this online marine life field guide, which covers creatures from sea stars to the gigantic blue whale.


Ocean Acidification Activities

Additional National Marine Sanctuaries Education Resources

NOAA Resources

NOAA Ocean Explorer

Compelling visuals and education materials related to ocean exploration. Visit the 2006 Davidson Sea Mount expedition.


NOAA Data in the Classroom

Investigate Earth processes using real data related to El Niño, sea level, water quality and ocean acidification


Additional NOAA Education Resources

NOAA Supported Resources

The Bridge: Ocean Sciences Education Center

Check out some of the most comprehensive marine education materials available on the web.


Ocean Literacy

Find out more about how to bring ocean content and essential principles of ocean sciences into K-12 classrooms.

Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE)

Learn more about collaborations among scientists and educators to advance ocean discovery and make known the vital role of the ocean in our lives.


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