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Distance Learning Programs

Explore Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary through distance learning!

Want to connect your students to marine science, exploration, and engineering? Experience our new virtual programs for grades 2nd-12th:


Offered for grades 2nd–12th: LIVE Virtual Interaction Programs via Google Meet

Want your students to engage in real time distance learning? Register for our LIVE Virtual Interaction Programs via Google Meet that include a 45 minute interactive presentation from a sanctuary educator located at the Sanctuary Exploration Center in Santa Cruz, CA! These dynamic presentations will include more in-depth interaction, group discussion, and live demonstrations. Each distance learning program will also connect students to a corresponding virtual activity that can be done independently to “dive deeper” into the topics. Teachers can assign the virtual activities to their students to be completed on their own time, which will automatically be submitted directly to the teacher over Google forms. These presentations can be modified to suit 2nd-12th grade classes. See below for topics offered at this time.
Cost: $75 per LIVE Virtual Interaction Program

Please email to request a live interaction.

Program Topics

  small image of dive into kelp forests program brochureDive into Kelp Forests!: 2nd-4th grade

Take a virtual dive in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary kelp forests. Learn about some of the animals that call this incredible ecosystem home!

Supports NGSS DCI Standards: 2-LS2-1, 2-LS4-1, 3-LS4-4, and 4-LSI.A

  small image of from land to sea program brochureFrom Land to Sea: Watersheds: 3rd-5th grade

Learn how water travels from land to sea and the importance of water quality entering the sanctuary.

Supports NGSS DCI Standards: 5-ESS3.C and 4-ESS2.A

  small image of deep sea discovery program brochureDeep Sea Discovery: 3rd-5th grade

Dive deep! Learn how scientists explore the deep sea. Take a virtual trip to the Monterey Submarine Canyon, Davidson Seamount, and deep-sea octopuses nursery!

Supports NGSS DCI Standards: 3.LS1-1, 4.LS1.A, and 5-LS2.B

  small image of sounds in the sanctuary program brochureSounds in the Sanctuary: 3rd-5th grade

Listen to the sounds of the sanctuary! Learn why animals use sounds underwater and how scientists study it.

Supports NGSS DCI Standards: 4-PS4-1, 4-PS4-1,and 4-PS4-3

  small image of plankton exploration program brochurePlankton Exploration: 4th-6th grade

Explore the world of plankton and be introduced to the microscopic algae and animals in the sanctuary! Learn how the plankton can affect the color of the ocean and the health of our ecosystem.

Supports NGSS DCI Standards: 4-ESS2.E, 5-LS2-1 (A+B), MS-LS2-3, and MS-LS2-4

Reviewed: April 11, 2024
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