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Support Students for Zero Waste Week 2020

Go Green. Think Blue. logoThis year we are encouraging universities, businesses and organizations to participate in the 2020 Zero Waste Week campaign.

Students in California are inviting their local communities to “Go Green. Think Blue.”, and join them in the 8th annual Zero Waste Week. During this week-long campaign, students are focusing on reducing land-based waste and in turn, helping to protect the health of local marine environments. Their goal is to raise awareness of how single-use plastic and other types of litter affect the health of the local watersheds and out national marine sanctuaries.

Students are leading by example in their efforts to reduce waste such as replacing single use plastic bags and bottle with reuseable items, stepping up their recycling and composting efforts on campus, and working towards the goal of zero waste lunches.

To kick off your ongoing involvement in reducing litter that can end up as marine debris, consider any (or all) of the following suggestions:image of Students for Zero Waste Week poster

  • Say “NO thank you” to plastic straws when you are dining out.
  • Replacing single-use plastic items (such as drink bottles, sandwich baggies, spork packs, etc.) with reusable alternatives
  • Replacing plastic straws with paper straws or consider not using straws
  • Stepping up recycling and composting efforts
  • Replacing single use condiment packets with bulk dispensers
  • Powering down computers and other electronic devices when not in use
  • Refusing products containing microbeads

REGISTER NOW for the 2020 Students for Zero Waste Week campaign March 16th – April 24th, 2020. Choose the best week for your school to participate. The extent to which your school is involved is up to your school!

Please visit Students for Zero Waste Week web page for more informatiomn and materials, or contact Jezella Peraza by email.

Want to help spread the word, consider using this 8th Annual Students for Zero Waste Week flyer (837K PDF).


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