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Research Publications

These links access abstracts of MBNMS publications and resources that describe organisms and habitats of the sanctuary. Publications include peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, technical reports, and both oral and poster presentations at scientific meetings and conferences. Links to full-publications provided where available.

Staff Publications

Abstracts of publications that were authored (or co-authored) by MBNMS staff.

Publications Critical for Sanctuary Management

Abstracts of publications critical for sanctuary management that were either authored (or co-authored) by MBNMS staff, supported (fully or in part) by MBNMS funding, or authored by partners.

Oral and Poster Presentations

Abstracts of presentations at scientific meetings and conferences.

Ecosystem Observations

Annual reports (1998-2006) for MBNMS featuring current research written by scientific experts.

Site Characterization

Information about the natural resources of MBNMS, written by more than two dozen experts, and broadly organized into three categories: 1) Physical Setting, 2) Biological Communities and Assemblages, and 3) Human Influences. This compendium of materials is considered a "living document" (updated 2013).


Bibliographic database of peer-reviewed and other literature relevant to California National Marine Sanctuaries, includes literature cited in sanctuary summary documents as well as other pertinent references obtained from research, educational and resource management institutions; consulting groups; interviewed experts; and independent searches.

Reviewed: September 08, 2023
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