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Research Technical Report

A PDF version of the plan is available here:

dsmz_plan_v6.pdf (1.8MB)

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Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Davidson Seamount Management Zone Management Plan

MBNMS (June 2013)

Living Document, June 2013, version 6.0


This plan for the Davidson Seamount Management Zone is an expanded version of the Davidson Seamount Action Plan in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Final Management Plan (Appendix E; NOAA 2008b). It is a living document (i.e., periodically updated) with background information on the Davidson Seamount, and the activities necessary for effective understanding and protection of this unique area. Since the Action Plan was finalized in 2008, the language of some activities has changed in this report as a result of a better understanding of the seamount. Activities will be addressed annually through the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries Annual Operating Plans, as well as opportunistically with partners (Appendix B).