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Research Technical Report



Progress Reports

Foster, M.S. and A.P. DeVogelaere. 1997. Assessing natural resources and developing management strategies for rocky shores of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Progress Report to CUEREC. 20pp.

Harvey, J.T. and S.R. Benson. 1997. Beach monitoring program for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Progress Report to CUEREC. 10pp.

Conference Abstracts

Cailliet, G.M. 1997. Below Pacific tides: the predictablitiy, diversity and importance of habitats for fishes. Ed Ricketts Memorial Lecture, Sanctuary Currents Symposium '97. p15.

Crane, N.L., R.C. Bunzel, and S.I. Lonhart. 1997. Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Biodiversity and monitoring project: subtidal surveys in Big Sur. Sanctuary Currents Symposium '97. p23.

DeVogelaere, A., A. Fukuyama, S. Urner, and R. Hoff. 1997. Testing transplant methods for restoring rocky intertdial algae after human induced disturbances. Western Society of Naturalists.

DeVogelaere, A.P. and R. Green. 1997. An overview of research programs in central California marine protected areas. California and World Ocean '97.

Eittreim, S.L., K. Kinoshita, G.B. Tate and D.A. Cacchione. 1997. Rippled scour depressions of the southern Monterey Bay shelf. Sanctuary Currents Symposium '97. p24.

Engel, J. and R. Kvitek. 1997. Effects of commercial trawling on infaunal community structure and flatfish diets. Western Society of Naturalists. p26.

Marinovic, B. 1997. Intra and interannual variation in euphausiid populations within the Monterey Bay. Western Society of Naturalists. p39.

Noble, M.A., K. Kinoshita, and B. Jaffe. 1997. Investigations of transport pathways for water and sediment between the Farallone Shelf and Monterey Bay. Sanctuary Currents Symposium '97. p31.

Pearse, J., E. Danner, L. Watson, and C. Zabin. Stability and flux in the rocky intertidal. Sanctuary Currents Symposium '97. p32.

Schaeffer, T.N. and M.S. Foster. 1997. Diver disturbance in kelp forests. Western Society of Naturalists. p51.

Woolfolk, A.M. 1997. Effects of human trampling on salt marsh vegetation in Elkhorn Slough. Western Society of Naturalists. p39.

Yoklavich, M., F. Schwing, J. Steger, R. Starr, H.G. Greene, and C. Malzone. 1997. Mapping benthic fish habitats and ocean currents in the Big Creek Ecological Reserve. Sanctuary Currents Symposium '97. p35.


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