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Research Technical Report

Ocean Observing and Modeling System Developments Around Monterey Bay

Paduan, J., S. Benson, K. Bruland, F. Chavez, D. Costa, D. Croll, A. DeVogelaere, C. Edwards, G. Griggs, C. King, R. Kudela, J. Harvey, B.L. Lipphardt, Jr. S. Lonhart, P. Mantey, B. Marinovic, M. McManus, L. Rosenfeld, M. Silver, and J. Vesecky (October 2003)

Chapter submitted for the Proceedings of the California and the World Oceans Conference, Santa Barbara, CA


Participants within the Center for Integrated Marine Technologies are helping to bridge the gaps between disciplines within the marine sciences and between marine scientists and present and potential users of information from our coastal waters ( CIMT is one of several projects making use of the wide range of interests and expertise around Monterey Bay as a "natural laborator" for the understanding of coastal ocean processes and better dissemination of this understanding to the public. The scientific organizing theme of the Center, "wind-to-whales," points out the complexities and interconnectedness of coastal marine ecosystems. No less complex is the adaptation of technology within the harsh ocean environment over extended periods of time and the efficient communication and archival of the data collected by the instruments deployed, which are the core technological goals of CIMT.

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