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Research Technical Report

Out to Sea: Catch This!

Rerig, P. (Fall 2012)

Edible Monterey Bay, 2(1):22-28.

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"Today the gal at the Monterey Credit Union asked me if 'Local Catch' was a dating service!" wrote Oren Frey, co-founder of Local Catch Monterey Bay, in his weekly email to the group's members one day last spring. "I told her we were all about fish."

Whether the question itself was intended as a pick-up line, we'll never know. But the truth is, Local Catch—a wildly successful community supported fishery program that distributes fish in much the same way that a CSA provides vegetables—is about much more than just fish. It's also about connecting people who care about seafood to its source, and to each other. And ultimately, it's about protecting our oceans and the sea life and fishermen who depend on them.

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