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Research Technical Report

A PDF version of this report is available here:

SCCOOS and CeNCOOS 2019 (573 kb)

Showcase Summary: Integrated Ocean Observing for a Changing California Coastline

SCCOOS and CeNCOOS (November 2019)

Meeting Agenda and Summary, Sacramento, California, 4pp.


The California Ocean Observing Systems (CeNCOOS and SCCOOS) held a joint meeting in Sacramento on 19 November 2019 to showcase the Systems’ capabilities and to promote a shared vision for the future of ocean and coastal observing in the State of California. The goals of the meeting were to:

  1. Improve awareness of the California Ocean Observing Systems’ accomplishments, capabilities, and end-user applications;
  2. Increase coordination between the California Ocean Observing Systems and State of California monitoring activities; and,
  3. Provide strategic guidance for ocean observing priority investments in 2020-2025.

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