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Birds of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary


  • b-Sandy Beach
  • l-Shallow Nearshore
  • p-Pelagic
  • r-Rocky Coast
  • s-Estuarine Sloughs, Estuarine Wetlands, River Mouths
  • n-nests within one of the above habitats; note that several species listed here as non-nesters DO nest in freshwater habitats of watersheds feeding into MBNMS.
  • * observed 3 times or less in MBNMS habitats listed above


Common Loon l s
Pacific Loon l s
Red-throated Loon l s
Yellow-billed Loon l s


Clark's Grebe l s
Eared Grebe s
Horned Grebe s
n Pied-billed Grebe s
Red-necked Grebe s
Western Grebe l s


Black-footed Albatross p
Laysan Albatross p
Short-tailed Albatross p


Black-vented Shearwater p
Buller's Shearwater p
Flesh-footed Shearwater p
* Greater Shearwater p
Manx Shearwater p
Northern Fulmar p
Pink-footed Shearwater p
Short-tailed Shearwater p
Sooty Shearwater l p
Streaked Shearwater p
* Wedge-tailed Shearwater p

Storm-/Gadfly Petrels

Ashy Storm-petrel p
Black Storm-petrel p
Fork-tailed Storm-petrel p
Leach's Storm-petrel p
* Wedge-rumped Storm-petrel p
Wilson's Storm-petrel p
Cook's Petrel p
* Mottled Petrel p


Magnificent Frigatebird p
Red-billed Tropicbird p
* Red-tailed Tropicbird p


American White Pelican s
Brown Pelican l s r


* Blue-footed Booby p
* Brown Booby p
* Masked Booby p
* Red-footed Booby p


n Brandt's Cormorant l r
n Double-crested Cormorant l s r
n Pelagic Cormorant l r


n Black-crowned Night Heron r s
Cattle Egret s
n Great Blue Heron l s
n Great Egret l s
Green Heron b s
* Reddish Egret s
Snowy Egret s


White-faced Ibis s
* Roseate Spoonbill s


American Wigeon l
Barrow's Goldeneye s
Black Scoter l
Blue-winged Teal s
Brant l s
Bufflehead s
Canada Goose s
Canvasback s
n Cinnamon Teal s
Common Goldeneye l s
Common Merganser s
Emperor Goose s
Eurasian Wigeon s
Gadwall s
Greater Scaup l s
Greater White-fronted Goose s
Green-winged Teal s
Harlequin Duck r
Hooded Merganser s
King Eider l s
Lesser Scaup l s
n Mallard s
n Northern Pintail s
n Northern Shoveler s
Oldsquaw l
Red-breasted Merganser l s
Redhead s
Ring-necked Duck s
Ross' Goose s
Ruddy Duck s
Snow Goose s
Surf Scoter ls
Tundra Swan s
White-winged Scoter Wood Duck ls
Wood Duck s


Clapper Rail Sora Virginia Rail American Coot s
Sora s
Virginia Rail s
n American Coot s


n Black Oystercatcher r


n American Avocet s
n Black-necked Stilt s


Black-bellied Plover b s
n Killdeer s
Pacific Golden Plover s
American Golden Plover b s
Semipalmated Plover s
n Snowy Plover b
Mongolian Plover b s
* Wilson's Plover b s
* Mountain Plover s

Sandpipers and Kin

Baird's Sandpiper b s
* Bar-tailed Godwit s
Black Turnstone r s
Buff-breasted Sandpiper s
Common Snipe s
* Curlew Sandpiper s
Dunlin s
Greater Yellowlegs s
* Hudsonian Godwit s
Least Sandpiper s
Lesser Yellowlegs s
* Little Curlew b
* Little Stint s
Long-billed Curlew b s
Long-billed Dowitcher s
Marbled Godwit b s
Pectoral Sandpiper s
Red Knot s
Red Phalarope p s
Red-necked Phalarope p s
Wilson's Phalarope p s
Rock Sandpiper r
Ruddy Turnstone s
Ruff s
Sanderling b s
Semipalmated Sandpiper s
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper s
Short-billed Dowitcher s
Spotted Sandpiper s
Stilt Sandpiper s
Surfbird b r
* Terek Sandpiper b r
Wandering Tattler r s
Western Sandpiper s
Whimbrel b s
* White-rumped Sandpiper s
Willet b r s


South Polar Skua p
Long-tailed Jaeger p
Parasitic Jaeger p s
Pomerine Jaeger p


Bonaparte's Gull b l s
California Gull b l s
Franklin's Gull b l s
Glaucous Gull b l s
Glaucous-winged Gull b l s
Heermann's Gull b l s
Herring Gull b l s
Laughing Gull b l
Little Gull b l
Mew Gull b l s
Ring-billed Gull b l s
Sabine's Gull l s
* Swallow-tailed Gull b l
Thayer's Gull b l s
n Western Gull b l s
Black-legged Kittiwake b l s


Arctic Tern b l p s
Black Tern b s
n Caspian Tern b l s
Common Tern b l s
Elegant Tern b l s
n Forster's Tern b l s
Least Tern b l s
Royal Tern l s
Black Skimmer b s

Alcids (Murres and Kin)

Cassin's Auklet p s
Parakeet Auklet p
n Rhinoceros Auklet p s
n Common Murre l p s
Thick-billed Murre p s
Ancient Murrelet p s
Craveri's Murrelet p s
n Marbled Murrelet p s
Xantus' Murrelet p
n Pigeon Guillemot l p s
Horned Puffin p
Tufted Puffin p

Land Birds Which Feed in Sandy Beach; Estuarine Sloughs, Estuarine Wetlands, River Mouths; and Rocky coast habitats

American Crow
American Kestrel
Bald Eagle
Belted Kingfisher
Black Phoebe
n Black Swift
Brewer's Blackbird
Burrowing Owl
Common Raven
European Starling
Loggerhead Shrike
n Marsh Wren
Northern Harrier
n Peregrine Falcon
Rock Dove
Salt Marsh Common Yellowthroat
n Savannah Sparrow
Savannah Sparrow
Short-eared Owl
Song Sparrow
n Song Sparrow
Turkey Vulture
White-crowned Sparrow
n White-crowned Sparrow
Yellow-rumped Warbler
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