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Chemical Oceanography
VI. Selected Chemical Oceanography Resources

Research/Monitoring Institutions

  • Chemical Oceanography Lab, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
  • Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California at Santa Cruz

Books/Journal Articles:

  • Bruland, K. W. 1983. Trace Elements in Sea-water. In: Chemical Oceanography 8:157-220.
  • Gordon, R.M., J.H. Martin, and G.A. Knauer. 1982. Iron in north-east Pacific waters. Nature 299(5884): 611-612.
  • Johnson, K.S., W.M. Bruland, K.H. Coale, T.L. Coley, V.A. Elrod, W.R. Fairey, H.D. Iams, T.E. Kilgore, and J.L. Nowicki. 1992. Manganese flux from continental margin sediments in a transect through the oxygen minimum. Science 257 (5074): 1242-1245.
  • Sverdrup, H. U., M. W. Johnson and R. H. Flemming. 1942. The Oceans, Their Physics, Chemistry and General Biology. Prentice Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N. J.

Internet Resources:

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