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Research/Monitoring Institutions:

  • University of California Sea Grant
  • National Marine Fisheries Service
  • California Department of Fish and Game
  • Pacific Fisheries Management Council

Books/Journal Articles:

  • Brown, L. R., P. B. Moyle, and R. M. Yoshiyama. 1994. Historical decline and current status of coho salmon in California. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 14:237-261.
  • Healey, M. C. 1991. Life history of chinook salmon. Pages 313-393 in Groot, C. and L. Margolis (eds) Pacific Salmon Life Histories UBC Press Vancouver.
  • McEwan, D. and T. Jackson. 1994. Steelhead management plan for California (Draft). California Department of Fish and Game, Inland Fisheries Division, Sacramento CA.
  • Nehlsen, W., J. E. Williams, and J. A. Lichatowich. 1991. Pacific salmon at the crossroads: Stocks at risk from California, Oregon, Idaho and Washington. Fisheries 16(2):4-21.
  • Titus, R. G., D. C. Erman, and W. M. Snider (In Press). History and status of steelhead in California coastal drainages south of San Francisco Bay. Hilgardia.

Internet Resources:

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