National marine sanctuary offices and visitor centers closed to the public; waters remain open

NOAA's national marine sanctuary offices and visitor centers are closed to the public while the waters remain open for responsible use in accordance with CDC guidance and local regulations. More information on the response from NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries can be found on

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Research/Monitoring Institutions

  • California Division of Mines and Geology, Sacramento
  • Institute of Marine Sciences, UC Santa Cruz
  • U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park Office

Books/Journal Articles:

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  • Greene, H.G. 1990. Regional tectonics and structural evolution of the Monterey Bay region, central California. In Geology and Tectonics of the Central California Coastal Region, San Francisco to Monterey:, edited by R. E. Garrison, Greene, H.G., Hicks, K.R., Weber, G.E., and Wright, T.L. (eds.): Pacific Section, American Association of Petroleum Geologists Volume and Guidebook.
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Internet Resources:

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