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Executive Summary - Phase II

Editor: Erica Burton

The MBNMS Site Characterization was created to be a "living" document that can be readily updated and expanded in scope.   Since completion of Phase I in 1996, hundreds of references have been added to the bibliographic database (Nov. 2004: 11,460 references).   Due to the expanded bibliography and improved web technologies, the bibliographic database has moved to the Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network (SIMoN) web page, with links remaining on pages of the site characterization.   In addition, several reports commissioned by the MBNMS, which contribute to our knowledge of human influences of the Sanctuary (including a new section on submerged cultural resources), have been added to the site characterization to produce Phase II.

Additions to the Human Influences section include:

  • Archaeological, Cultural, and Historical Resources
    • Submerged Cultural Resources
    • MBNMS Shipwreck Database
    • MBNMS Submerged Cultural Resources Study: 2001, by Sheli O. Smith and Jack Hunter. 2003.
  • Fisheries
    • Trends In Fisheries And Fishery Resources Associated With The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary From 1981 - 2000, by Richard M. Starr, Jason M. Cope, and Lisa A. Kerr. 2002.
  • Marine Reserves
    • A Review of the Ecological Effectiveness of Subtidal Marine Reserves in Central California , by Richard M. Starr, Mark H. Carr, Jennifer Caselle, James A. Estes, Caroline Pomeroy, Craig Syms, David A. VenTresca, and Mary M. Yoklavich. 2004.

Future phases of this site characterization will focus on updating existing topics (e.g. Geology), and expanding the bibliographic database.

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Reviewed: April 11, 2024
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