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In September of 2015, the sanctuary begins an update of its management plan, a collaborative document, broad in scope, providing important guidance for sanctuary programs and operations. It is time to refresh the 2008 document and update its contents to ensure the sanctuary's natural and cultural resources are better understood and continue to be protected through management informed by current knowledge of this special place and the threats and pressures placed upon it.

What is a Management Plan?

A sanctuary management plan is a site-specific planning and management document that describes the objectives, policies and activities for a sanctuary, and guides management actions. Management plans:

  • summarize existing programs and regulations;
  • articulate visions, goals, objectives, and priorities;
  • guide management decision-making;
  • guide development of annual operating plans;
  • guide future planning;
  • ensure public involvement in management processes; and
  • contribute to the attainment of National Marine Sanctuary goals and objectives.

What is a Management Plan Review?

Over time, all management plans should be reviewed and updated to account for changing conditions and needs. At Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, we recognize since our 2008 management plan was implemented, new partners, new issues and new opportunities have emerged. Moreover, much has been implemented and accomplished and no longer needs to be in the plan.

Management Plan Review, or MPR, is the process by which all national marine sanctuaries review and revise their sanctuary management plans. Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary's MPR will be conducted in phases over the next few years.


For questions regarding MBNMS' Management Plan Review, please contact us by email

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Documents related to Management Plan Review can be found here

Management Plan Review Schedule