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May 21, 2002-July 23, 2002

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The MBNMS received comments from Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary
(GFNMS), Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary (CBNMS) and Channel Islands National
Marine Sanctuary (CINMS) on the first draft of a dispersant use policy for all national marine sanctuaries in California. The GFNMS and CBNMS have opted not to join the policy statement regarding preapproval of dispersant use. The MBNMS and CINMS will consider options for completing a joint policy position, and will forward notification to the Chair of the Regional
Response Team. Bill discussed options about how to proceed with Dan Basta. Contact Holly Price at (831) 647-4247.

Rachel Saunders, the newly-hired MBNMS Community and Public Relations Coordinator, traveled to Washington D.C. for a 2-day orientation with headquarters staff. In addition to general meet-and-greets, Rachel met with the following individuals: Matthew Stout, Michael Murphy, Brady Phillips, Ed Lindelof, Helen Golde, Charly Alexander, Dan Basta, Glenda Tyson, Angela Calos and Scott Smullen. Contact Rachel Saunders at (831) 647-4237.

Education and Outreach

The MBNMS Education team successfully coordinated and staffed a two-day Student Ocean Conference for 120 middle and high school students and their teachers on May 10 & 11. The conference was collaboratively hosted by the MBNMS, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center and funded by a National Geographic grant through Coastal America. Conference activities included a student-built ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Contest, a student research symposium, a marine career panel, guest speakers Sylvia Earle and Alan Scott, mini workshops and field trips, and a sleepover at the aquarium. Contact Dawn Hayes at (831) 647-4256.

Karen Grimmer has been hired to manage the MERITO program. We are waiting for a second contract to be awarded for the Bilingual Educational Specialist. For more information contact Dawn Hayes at (831)647-4256.

The MBNMS Interpretive Kayak harassment prevention program-Team Ocean-naturalists training in June in preparation for their first full season on the water. Kayakers hit the water on June 15th and will continue each weekend (Fri-Sun) through Labor Day, sharing natural history information with the public and working to to prevent marine mammal and bird harassment along Monterey's castline and in the Elkhorn Slough. This summer the program will include a small corps of volunteer naturalists in addition to the paid staff, all of whom have completed a 20 hour training including kayaking skills, regulatory interpretation, and natural history information. Contact: Jen Jolly at (831) 420-1630 or

On Friday, May 24, Michele Roest (Outreach and Education specialist for theMBNMS San
Simeon Office) met Lynn Scarlett, U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Budget and
Planning, during her visit to California for the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse dedication. Other attendees at the meeting included Mike Poole, Director of BLM, Ron Fellows, Field Manager for the Bakersfield Office of BLM, and Kirk Sturm, Superintendent of San Simeon District of the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Following the meeting, Michele gave the attendees a tour of the elephant seal rookery at San Simeon. On Saturday, May 25, Michele Roest represented MBNMS at the dedication of the Piedras Blancas Light Station. Other attendees included those identified above and Congresswoman Lois Capps. Contact Michele Roest at (805) 927-2145.

On Thursday, June 20, Bill Douros (Superintendent), Jen Jolly (Education Specialist) and Dawn
Hayes (Education Coordinator) had a “kickoff meeting" with AMS Research, the contractor hired to produce the feasibility study for the MBNMS visitor center. Contact Dawn Hayes at (831) 647-4256.

On June 27, Bill Douros and Jen Jolly met with Seacliff area neighbors to discuss neighborhood concerns regarding the possible future placement of a Sanctuary visitor center at Seacliff State Park. It was an informational meeting arranged by Congressman Sam Farr's staff; other Seacliff area stakeholders attended, including district Superintendent of State Parks, State Assemblyman Fred Keeley's staff, the Seacliff Village Plan Committee, and Seacliff Improvement Association.

Dawn Hayes (Education Coordinator) traveled to Mystic, CT for the Grand Opening of the Institute for Exploration's Immersion Experience in the Monterey Bay. This interactive telepresence in Mystic Aquarium shares the Monterey Bay with visitors through an ROV.

From June 23 -29, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary co-sponsored Arts and Nature Camp at Camp Ocean Pines in Cambria. Michele Roest added a marine element with field trips to local tidepools, a live tidepool aquarium, squid dissections, "Foods of the Sea" party and a 15-foot paper mural of the Cambria coastline, including student artwork of seabirds, invertebrates and fishes. For more information contact Michele Roest at (805) 927-2145.

Lisa Emanuelson, Resource Issue Ed Specialist, attended the Great Annual Fish Count in Santa Barbara, CA on June 29th at Chase Palm Park. Representatives from the Gulf of the Farallones, Cordell Bank and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuaries were in attendance. Also in attendance were the National Parks and REEF(Reef Environmental Education Foundation). For more information, contact Lisa Emanuelson at (831) 372-7918.


Bill Douros, Andrew DeVogelaere (MBNMS Research Coordinator), Erica Burton (MBNMS Research Assistant) and Kelly Newton (MBNMS Research Intern) returned from the Davidson Seamount cruise on Friday, May 24. The expedition was a huge success—the team collected 100 hours of video, hundreds of biological samples and thousands of digital imagery. All demonstrated the Davidson Seamount is a particularly significant, special biological area. For more information on the expedition please see Contact Andrew DeVogelaere at (831) 647-4213.

Kelly Newton participated in the monthly Wind to Whales cruises that took place May 28 – 29 and June 24-25 with researchers from the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and the University of California at Santa Cruz. On the May trip, many Black-footed Albatross and a large pod of Pacific White-sided and Risso's Dolphins were sighted in Monterey Bay. Krill and Ctenophores were abundant in the net tows. On the June trip, sightings included Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Risso's Dolphins and two Blue Whales. There were also 100 Black-Footed Albatross seen along the transect line. Contact Kelly Newton at 831-647-4204.

On June 4 and 5, the National Marine Sanctuary System Core team on system wide monitoring met with nationally recognized experts to continue developing a plan. MBNMS hosted the meeting at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, and the headquarters research staff did a fine job in site logistics, facilitation and preparation for the meeting. A summary report will be completed and distributed within several weeks. Contact Andrew DeVogelaere at 831-647-4213.

On Tuesday June 11, Kelly Newton met with Monterey Harbor Master Steve Scheiblauer to discuss removal efforts of the invasive algae Undaria pinnatifida. Undaria was re-sighted this spring in the Monterey Harbor and 125 lbs were removed. Kelly will make a laminated Undaria identification guide for the Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Moss Landing Harbors to help regional partners identify and control Undaria. Contact Kelly Newton (831) 647-4204.

A special issue of Marine Geology, "Seafloor geology and natural environment of the Monterey
Bay National Marine Sanctuary" (Eittreim and Noble, Editors) is now available (March, Volume
181). The special issue is comprised of seventeen research articles, including map and CD inserts, which are aimed at developing a better understanding of the MBNMS environment, including characterization of the coastal and seafloor geologic environment; and geologic processes active in the Sanctuary and along the coastline. One of the article contributions is co-authored by Erica Burton (MBNMS Research Specialist) entitled, "Accumulation rate and mixing of shelf sediments in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary." Contact Erica Burton at (831) 647-4246.

A new publication is complete and available, entitled, "Trends in Fisheries and Fishery
Resources Associated with the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary from 1981-2000," by
Richard M. Starr (Marine Advisor, California Sea Grant, Moss Landing, CA), Jason M. Cope
(Graduate Student, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, CA), and Lisa A. Kerr (Graduate Student, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, CA). The report, sponsored by the National Marine Sanctuary Program, is an update of the 1998 publication, "Fishery Resources of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary," and summarizes trends in fisheries landings at five ports within the Sanctuary from1981-2000, with discussion of changes in fisheries regulations, fishing effort, and El Niño Events. Contact Erica Burton at (831) 647-4246.

The KUSP Radio show hosted by Steph Dutton, developed and ran a six-part(90 seconds each) series on Exploration of the Davidson Seamount. Contact Andrew DeVogelaere (831) 647-4213.

A two-CD product has been completed on research results in the Marine Ecological Reserves Research Program. This includes publications on the effectiveness of the state's marine reserves (one of which is in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary) and an evaluation of cooperative data collection between managers and fishers, as well as GIS maps of Big Creek Ecological Reserve. Andrew DeVogelaere served as an Advisor for the Ecological Reserves Program, and can be contacted for more information (831) 647-4213.

MBNMS staff received draft copies of an Interim Product from NOAA's Biogeography Team entitled, "A Biogeographic Assessment off North/Central California: To Support the Joint Management Plan Review for Cordell Bank, Gulf of the Farallones, and Monterey Bay National
Marine Sanctuaries." Staff is reviewing the document, and has distributed it to the SAC and the RAP for additional review. For more info, contact Erica Burton (Research Specialist) at (831) 647-4246. For questions and comments on the draft document, please contact: Mark Monaco (Biogeography Team, Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment) at (301) 713-3028 x160.

Dr. Steve Lonhart joined us on July 25 as our new SIMoN Scientist. He will be playing a key role in working with regional scientists to share existing monitoring information with resource managers and the public, in developing new monitoring programs, and in leading some of the MBNMS staff monitoring studies. Steve is a recent graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz, where his research focused on the field ecology of a non-native mollusk in kelp forests.

On July 17, Ken Buja (NOS/Coastal Services Center) met with Sanctuary staff and presented an update on the Marine Information System (MarIs) interface. MarIs is a GIS tool to provide GIS support to staff with limited-to-no formal ArcView training. The final product is scheduled for release in early September. Ken also provided a brief update on the Biogeographic Assessment off North/Central California. For more information, contact Erica Burton at (831) 647-4246.

Staff reviewed a draft version of "A Review of the Ecological Effectiveness of Marine Reserves in Central California," by Starr et al. The report, written by eight local researchers, includes two sections: 1) "A Synopsis of Scientific Investigations," including six chapters of local reserve research; and 2) "A Summary of Existing and Predicted Benefits of Marine Reserves in Central
California." The final report will be published in the Marine Sanctuaries Conservation Series, scheduled for release in early fall. For more information, contact Erica Burton (831) 647-4246

Resource Protection

A training workshop led by Bridget Hoover, Sanctuary Citizen Watershed Monitoring Network
Coordinator, was completed for the Urban Watch volunteer storm drain monitors for the cities of
Monterey and Pacific Grove. New supplementary state funding to the Granite Canyon Lab will be used to expand this annual program to include testing the toxicity of the runoff to bivalve and fish embryos and larvae. Bridget also provided water quality monitoring training to Farm Bureau Watershed Coordinators for the 6 counties on May 21st. This will assist them in evaluating the success of their efforts to install conservation measures to control agricultural runoff to the Sanctuary. Contact Bridget Hoover at (831) 883-9303.

The MBNMS submitted a formal request to the National Marine Fisheries Service for incidental harassment of pinnipeds due to fireworks displays authorized by the Sanctuary. A request for completion of formal consultation under Section 7 of the ESA was also submitted to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to evaluate the impacts of all fireworks displays within the Sanctuary upon listed species. The Sanctuary requested authorization for incidental impacts (under the MMPA and ESA) for a period of 5 years, and hopes to issue corresponding 5-year authorizations to our permittees beginning next year. Contact Scott Kathey at (831) 647-4251.

The Resource Protection Team met with the California Coastal Commission and the US Geological Survey to align our permit conditions for coastal armoring projects, establish criteria for projects which will need a full MBNMS review, and initiate efforts on a regional planning approach. Contact Holly Price at (831) 647-4247.

Scott Kathey, MBNMS Regulatory Coordinator, attended an operations briefing on the US Coast Guard's plan to recover the remaining oil from the freighter SS Luckenbach that sank east of the Farallon Islands in 1953. It has been identified as the source of numerous mystery spills over the years that have oiled thousands of seabirds in the MBNMS. Titan Marine (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) has been contracted to pump the oil from the shipwreck using a Viscous Oil Pumping System. All oily wastewater will be contained aboard the work barge and disposed ashore. Underwater site assessment begins May 23. Oil recovery operations are scheduled to begin within 8 days of the start of the assessment phase and will last from days to weeks. Contact Scott Kathey at (831) 647-4251.

Holly Price, Resource Protection Coordinator, and Katie Siegler, Agricultural Water Quality Coordinator, met with regional representatives from the Ocean Conservancy and the Coalition of Central Coast Farm Bureaus to discuss recent implementation and future tracking of the Water Quality Protection Program's Agriculture and Rural Lands Plan. Both organizations are involved in potential state legislation regarding agricultural pollution and are examining potential ways the Plan could be a model for a statewide process, although there are disagreements over the degree of associated monitoring. Contact Holly Price at (831) 647-4247.

Katie Siegler, presented an overview of the Water Quality Protection Program's Action Plans in San Francisco at a conference entitled, "Local Government Strategies for Protecting and Restoring Aquatic Habitat, Water Resources and Salmon Fisheries". Katie also completed a new brochure for farmers and ranchers explaining the new permit coordination process for the Salinas Valley. Landowners interested in installing water quality protection practices on their properties and utilizing technical guidance from outreach agencies will now be able to use a streamlined permitting process, with sixteen practices pre-conditioned and approved by the seven federal, state and local regulatory authorities involved. For more information on these programs, please contact Katie Siegler at (831) 647-4219.

Deirdre Hall, Permit Coordinator and Lisa Emanuelson, Education Specialist, set up a Sanctuary information booth with newly completed posters and flyers at the Watsonville Airshow for three days over Memorial Day Weekend to disseminate information to pilots attending from around the state, their passengers, and the public on the Overflight Restriction Zones. Many pilots, (and an air traffic controller) were unaware the Overflight Restriction Zones are a federal regulation and not, in fact, a "recommendation" as notated on the aeronautical charts. For many years, MBNMS staff have urged General Council to assist us in resolving this issue with the FAA. A United States Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) Biologist assisted with outreach efforts on Saturday, and alerted pilots that USFWS is now beginning to prosecute aviators who violate Overflight
Restriction Zones. For information contact Deirdre Hall (831) 647-4207.

Scott Kathey and Mark Pickett (National Marine Fisheries Service) conducted an area survey dive at Point Joe to search for wreckage and artifacts from the 1906 sinking of the SS Celia. The dive is the beginning of a groundtruthing effort to gain additional data on shipwrecks in the Sanctuary. The divers did not detect evidence of the vessel, but did gain valuable information about the reported site of the shipwreck and potential leads for further literature and field investigations.

Scott Kathey completed a site visit to Florida Key National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS) to review their enforcement program and gained a wealth of insight for future enforcement planning within the MBNMS. The FKNMS staff and Florida State officers were very generous in allotting time for interviews and a field patrol. Contact Scott Kathey at (831) 647-4251.

MBNMS submitted a letter to the State Water Resources Control Board regarding evaluating and designating impaired water bodies under Clean Water Act Section 303(d). The Sanctuary asked that they evaluate local data on extensive beach postings due to coliform contamination, as well as upstream coliform data collected by the Sanctuary Citizen Watershed Monitoring Network during their consideration of which local water bodies are impaired and should be designated as priorities for action. For information contact Deirdre Hall at (831) 647-4207.

Scott Kathey, Holly Price, and Bill Douros met with Mike Gonzales and Brett Schneider of the Office of Law Enforcement SW (OLE) to discuss future enforcement arrangements within the Sanctuary. The group agreed that an expanded summary settlement schedule to resolve violations in the field and assignment of a uniformed OLE officer (in lieu of a special agent) would improve enforcement within the MBNMS. OLE agreed to develop the schedule this summer, which will include various types of discharges, marine mammal and seabird harassment, seabed disturbance, and other violations. The effort will be coordinated with a broader national assessment that OLE is conducting to develop a common Settlement Schedule that can apply to multiple sanctuaries which have similar regulations. For information contact Scott Kathey at (831) 647-4251.

Huff McGonigal, Environmental Policy Specialist, attended a meeting with California Department of Fish and Game and numerous local squid fishermen on the draft State's squid management plan. Both local squid fishermen and MBNMS have requested that CDFG include additional conservation measures in the plan. For information contact Holly Price, Resource Protection Coordinator at (831) 647-4247.

The NMFS Pacific Fisheries Management Council voted Thursday, June 20, to take the first step of an emergency closure of the groundfish fishery off the West Coast continental shelf, in response to declining populations and slower-than anticipated recovery times. This may have significant related consequences for other fisheries and potential impacts on considerations of state and federal marine reserves. For information contact Holly Price at (831) 647-4247.

During the week of June 17, four boat groundings and a boat fire occurred in the
Sanctuary. The boat fire was contained to an engine space, and the boat was towed to safe harbor. Three of the groundings occurred on sand beaches near Moss Landing resulting in no spills of hazardous materials and successful recovery from the shoreline. A fourth grounding occurred at Capitola. An 80 year-old Chinese sailing vessel was damaged beyond repair when it ran aground on rocks. It was demolished during the course of salvage and has been removed from the beach. An enforcement investigation and damage assessment report are pending. For information contact Scott Kathey at (831) 647-4251

A technical training workshop was held with twenty public works staff from the City of Pacific
Grove to address urban runoff and sewage spill issues, including management measures for coliform, pesticides, oil and detergents. This is part of an effort by contractor Robert Ketley to conduct Model Urban Runoff Program trainings in the field, at city locations, to reach key municipal staff. For information contact Holly Price at (831) 647-4247.

MBNMS sent a letter to California Department of Fish and Game on the Nearshore Fishery
Management Plan, recommending that they include ecosystem considerations in the initial phases of the plan, establish collaborative data collection efforts with the fishing community, and limit the number of new entrants to the fishery. With the recent closure of the offshore groundfish fishery, the nearshore fishery may be facing additional pressure. For information, contact Huff McGonigal at (831) 647-4254.

On Friday June 28 and Saturday June 29, oiled animals and tarballs began washing ashore in the Pacifica area. By Sunday, a total of 29 common murres (alive and dead) as well as a harbor porpoise carcass had been found with oil on them, and surfers reported returning to shore with oil on their wetsuits and boards. Tarballs were found on the beaches in the Pacifica area and at a few locations within MBNMS north of Montara, and the Coast Guard has contracted for a beach clean up operation. Oil releases and tarballs from the sunken ship Luckenbach were detected by salvage personnel on Wednesday July 3, and samples have been taken by the Office of Spill Prevention and Response to determine if the ship may be the source of the beach tarballs. For information contact Scott Kathey at (831) 647-4251.

Deirdre Hall, Permit Coordinator, attended the Moss Landing Dredging Ecological Risk
Assessment meeting, a study funded by Congressman Sam Farr, in which members from the environmental community, scientists, state and federal agencies, and the harbormaster, met to discuss a proposed work plan which intends to compare human health and ecological risks for dredged materials from the Moss Landing Harbor. For more information contact Deirdre Hall at (831) 647-4207.

The owner and operator of the S/V Dragen Fu that went aground at Capitola was arrested Friday, July 5 on charges of threatening a state peace officer. The Warden was acting at the time in his capacity as a Sanctuary Enforcement Officer, gathering information as part of the enforcement investigation. For information contact Scott Kathey at (831) 647-4251.

The Monterey Bay Sanctuary Citizen Watershed Monitoring Network completed a year- long grant-funded project educating the restaurant industry and auto repair industry about best management practices in reducing urban runoff pollutants in the City of Pacific Grove. Sixty-four restaurants were visited and given brochures, posters and a video on best management practices (BMPs) specific for their industry. All eight of the auto repair facilities and gas stations were also visited and given brochures and a poster with industry specific BMPs.
Overall, the outreach was very successful and most establishments were receptive to the education materials. For information contact Bridget Hoover (831) 883-9303.

Deirdre Hall spent an afternoon with the California Coastal Commission, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Regional Water Quality Control Board, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Dept of Fish & Game, and the Monterey County Planning staff to discuss agency concerns regarding the Monterey County General Plan Update; a plan which will influence growth, land use, marine issues, urban runoff, development and other issues, over the next twenty years. For more information contact Deirdre Hall (831) 647-4207

Holly Price and Brad Damitz met with the California Coastal Commission and the Regional Water Quality Control Board and reached agreement on a draft outline of recommendations regarding a regional approach to desalination plants in the Sanctuary. For additional information, contact Holly Price at (831) 647-4247.

Holly Price and Huff McGonigal joined the first meeting of California Department of Fish and
Game's newly reformed process under the Marine Life Protection Act, as members of the Monterey and Big Sur Working Group respectively. This is the beginning of a one to two year
multistakeholder process involving agencies, environmental groups and fishermen to evaluate and develop proposals for marine reserves in State waters. For additional information contact Holly at (831) 647-4247.

Special Events

Jen Jolly attended the Cement Ship Festival at Seacliff State Beach on June 1 with a Sanctuary booth and education activities. This community festival typically has an attendance of ~2,000 people. For further information please contact Jen Jolly at (831) 420-1630.

Katie Siegler represented MBNMS and the partners working on the Sanctuary's Agriculture Plan at the Monterey Bay Aquarium's event "Cooking for Solutions". The event highlighted the link between sustainable food production and resource protection. Contact Katie Siegler at (831) 647-4219.

On Saturday, June 8, the MBNMS hosted its first volunteer appreciation event to recognize the numerous people who have dedicated their time to promote, protect and conserve the Sanctuary. Local Supervisor, Dave Potter, added his appreciation and noted, "With special places come special responsibilities." The 130+ participants enjoyed a beautiful view of the Sanctuary from the hotel-top venue.

On July 1-2, Bill Douros, Superintendent, is attended a planning meeting for “California and the
World Ocean ‘02", a conference which will be held October 27-30, 2002 in Santa Barbara, CA.
For more information, go to

On June 28, Jen Jolly (Education Specialist) gave a Sanctuary slideshow at the Sunset State Beach evening campfire program.

On June 28th, Karen Grimmer and volunteer, Leon Garden, co-hosted a Great Annual Fish Count (GAFC) Seminar at Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. About 20 divers attended. GAFC dives were planned for July 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th at San Carlos Beach in Monterey. For more information contact Karen Grimmer, Education Specialist, at (831)

Media Coverage, May 21, 2002-July 23, 2002

These represent only those printed, televised or broadcast stories relating to the Sanctuary or ocean issues that have come to our attention. It is likely there are others.

Davidson Seamount Coverage

May 30, 2002
CBS Evening News

San Jose Mercury News

San Francisco Chronicle

Monterey County Herald

Salinas Californian

May 21, 2002
Oceana Headline Ocean News

May 10, 2002

May 8, 2002
MBARI news

NOAA's NOS newscast

General Sanctuary Information

"Cruise ships help business" Letter to the Editor, The Monterey County Herald, 5/11/02

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"Kayakers, surfers talk turf conflict" by Dan White, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/15/02

"In search of squid row" by Kevin Howe, The Monterey County Herald, 5/15/02

"Expedition to explore undersea mountain; web site to chart scientists' journey" by Brian Seals, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/17/02

"Underwater Adventures" by Greg Newhall, Adventures Magazine, Spring/Summer 2002

"Scientists give sanctuaries a closer look" by Colleen Valles, AP, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 5/26/02

"Marine 'Sanctuary Quest'" by Colleen Valles, The Monterey County Herald, 5/26/02

"Tighter rules asked for cruise ships" by Amy Ettinger, The Monterey County Herald, 5/29/02

"All creatures strange and wonderful; Undersea expedition probes mysteries off the coast" by
Amy Ettinger, The Monterey County Herald, 5/30/02

"Mystery green goo causes scare" by Victoria Manley, The Monterey County Herald, 6/6/02

"Fishermen charged with overfishing, falsifying." The Monterey County Herald, 6/8/02

"Sea otter that washed ashore apparently shot to death." The Monterey County Herald, 6/8/02

“Monterey looking good for visitor center" by Professor Toro, The Monterey County Herald,

“Community to have say in Seacliff sanctuary plan" by Ramona Turner, Santa Cruz Sentinel,

"Birds of a feather do flock together" by Kechia Smith-Gran, The Monterey County Herald, 6/12/2002.

"Sea otter deaths mystify scientists." by Amy Ettinger, The Monterey County Herald, 6/12/2002

“Bird rescue officials hope to avoid fiasco" by Ken McLaughlin, The Monterey County Herald, 6/20/2002.

“Man sentenced for abalone poaching" by Margie Mason, The Monterey County Herald, 6/21/2002.

“Council aims to protect groundfish" by Colleen Valles, The Monterey County Herald, 6/21/2002.

“New rules on fishing leave a bad taste: Area businesspeople say regulations will cripple operations" by Jill Duman, The Monterey County Herald, 6/22/2002.

"Party boats brace for rockfish restrictions" by Brian Seals, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 6/21/02

"Researchers check in on the denizens of Elkhorn Slough; Foundation wants a record of who's who in the slough" by Brian Seals, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 6/22/02

"Sanctuary eyes visitor center" by Rachel Velcoff, The Monterey County Herald, 6/26/02

“Duke expansion opponents fighting among themselves" by Dennis Moran, The Monterey County Herald, 6/27/02

"Parasite in cat feces suspected in mystery deaths of sea otters" by Angela Watercutter (AP), Santa Cruz Sentinel, 6/28/02

"Otter study targets parasite source" by Dennis Moran, The Monterey County Herald, 6/28/02

"Monterey Bay Sanctuary on view in Connecticut" The Monterey County Herald, 6/29/02

"Hundreds of fish die in slough; Chemical spill is suspected in massive die-off" by Brian Seals,
Santa Cruz Sentinel, 6/30/02

"Camp Ocean Pines: Marine Camp" by Kathe Tanner, The Cambrian, 7/3/02

“Discovering the deep: Diving in the Monterey Bay beautiful, treacherous" by Rachel Velcoff, The Monterey County Herald, 7/6/02.

“Spill shows empty words" Letter to the Editor, the Monterey County Herald, 7/9/02.

“Fish, club dwindling. Locals help shape a fishery plan they hope leads to a rebound" The
Cambrian, 7/11/02

"New Navy sonar approved, despite worries about whales" by Kenneth R. Weiss and Tony Perry, The Monterey County Herald, 7/16/02

"Shipwreck had few adverse effects" The Monterey County Herald, 7/16/02

"Monterey avoids deadly algae" by Rachel Velcoff, The Monterey County Herald, 7/19/02

"Keeping Navy's sonar at bay" The Monterey County Herald, 7/22/02


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